Decipher Your 18 Treasures Gifts

A quick list of possible presents you’ll receive at your debut party and what they could each signify. But if you’re the one who will attend a debut party, you may get gift ideas here “8 Amazing Gifts to Give for 18 Treasures”.

When someone gives you a: Polaroid camera

It means the giver: Wants you to capture as many moments as you can. Polaroid pictures don’t always come out as you expect them to be, so just take everything in stride and have fun!

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When someone gives you a: Bold tinted lipstick

It means the giver: Wants you to experiment and go out of your comfort zone. He or she believes that it’s nice to be in the spotlight once in a while.

When someone gives you a: Photo book

It means the giver: Hopes you’ll treasure the moments you’ve had with him in the past, and also wishes to make new memories with you!

When someone gives you an: Engraved pen

It means the giver: Wishes you’ll remember him every time you write down something, which is practically every day of your life! (Tip for gift givers: This present also goes well with the next one.)

When someone gives you a: Leather-bound journal

It means the giver: Wants you to chronicle all your daily musings, special events, and/or extreme feelings. Doing so will give you a chance to look back at these meaningful times a few years down the line and marvel at your insights during those high or low points of your life.

When someone gives you a: Scented candle

It means the giver: Remembers you when he smells this particular fragrance. But more than that, it could also signify that he wants you to be the light that shines in the dark and lead others toward the right path.

When someone gives you a: Pair of runners

It means the giver: Wants you to have a more active lifestyle, but also wants you to do the sport or hobby in style!

When someone gives you a: Passport case

It means the giver: Urges you to travel and see the world! Don’t be afraid to trek the highest mountains or explore unstructured paths.

When someone gives you a: Set of gold or diamond earrings

It means the giver: Considers you as someone precious, or wants you to start building your jewelry collection.

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