Debut Theme: Pastel Perfect Party

A memorable debut goes along with a trendy theme, pretty pastel colors are undeniably soothing to the eyes. Debuts since then is a competition of style and glamour. After all,  who wouldn’t love to enter a debut venue beautified by combination of light colors?

If you are to achieve a pastel perfect party you must know your debut essentials first. Here is your ultimate guide to a pastel perfect party for your debut.

Follow a certain color palette.

There are a lot of colors that can be perfectly combined to create a tone that will serve as your guide.

debut theme


For your event styling, Breakfast at Tiffany exquisitely matches a pastel debut theme.

A combination of mint colors blue and green jive into a perfect design to give life to your back drop. Add freshness brought by colorful blossoms under the same shade.

debut theme

For your guest tables pick linens with complimenting colors, mint blue is ideal to be enhanced by white colored centerpieces. Apart from this, include silverware improved by floral arrangements.

debut theme


Be fancy on a pastel gown, show off your bubbly personality reflected by light colors. Pink is a good choice for your gown, and pair it with your favorite high heels no doubt! you’ll surely slay the night.


It is very timely to decorate your debut venue with lights that show off pastel rays. A white draping on your venue will surely be dynamic with the presence of this astonishing colors.

Palazzo Verde- Victorian 2


Add a blend of sweetness by choosing a cake matching the theme.  A pretty in pink cake is a good choice empowered by details such as flowers and simple patterns.

debut theme

Dress code for guests

Notify your guests about the theme and advice them to incorporate it on their attire. It adds beauty to the overall impact of the occasion. During photo opportunity it would be much adorable to see matching colors. Just a few reminder tell them about the color of the table linen so  they  can avoid that particular color.  We can’t afford to see disappointed faces just because they blend with the linens.

debut theme


Send them an invitation card inclined to the theme. Add a little bit of personal touch by putting small decorations on the shade of pastel colors. In addition you can add ribbon following the same palette.

debut theme


It is very lovely to see a souvenir influenced by the pastel theme. A good example is a pastel color baked macaroons, apart from its good look and perfect combination of colors it will be more appeasing to put it on a pastel  colored box.


Make them feel important through the use of this pastel colored printables. It could be a printed  menu and a the name of your guests.  Usually these materials can be provided by food catering services upon coordination.

debut theme


Excite your your guests’ alcoholic side once they have seen your colored cocktails in lined with your theme. Surely it will be a crowd favorite aside from its picture perfect color. Cheers to more wonderful moments!

debut theme

Surely with these ideas your debut is a sure picture perfect destination. Provided all the tips you can incorporate on your special day expect pleasant feedback and praises from your attendees.

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