Why Catering works for Company Outings

Company outings to a nearby beach or outdoor destination is perhaps being planned out. While there’s talk of doing a simple potluck for outings wherein small teams are involved, how are you planning to feed everyone during a big company outing?

Hoping that each employee or department will do their part and bring their assigned dish for potluck is great, but what’s even better–and what will give you peace of mind–is to hire a catering company to fulfill your needs flawlessly. Catering companies are not necessarily just for big or grand events. They can create a plan for whatever number of people you would need to feed, plus more. Here’s why catering will work for your company outing:

Buffet table catering
1. There’s no need to worry about how to feed everyone.

– As what was previously stated, the usual way–which is doing a potluck party–works okay for small teams, of perhaps ten or less people. But when it comes to feeding more than that, especially if your company is by a hundred or more, a catering service’s expertise will greatly help you.

2. You don’t need to rely on local fare, or on the food that will be provided by the resort.

– If the resort or hotel you’ve chosen to stay in simply doesn’t serve good food, or cannot accommodate such a large crowd all at the same time, that’s going to be a problem. If you’re in a far-flung area, local cuisine might not go down well into everyone’s stomachs. For a catering company, no place is too far or too remote for them to get to you.

3. You don’t need to worry about picky eaters.

– Caterers are known for their dishes that will wow any crowd, even the pickiest of eaters. There must be something that they’ll be able to eat from the caterer’s spread.

4. You’ll be able to adjust your buffet, depending on your budget and number of people.

– Catering services know that all companies are under a strict budget, and they’ll gladly accommodate your requests when it comes to your budget restraints. You can simply ask on where you can cut costs, like perhaps food packs would be easier than a full-blown catering service with a wait staff and a table and chair set-up. There are numerous ways to go about it, and catering services know how to do so best.

5. It’s delegating at its finest.

– Employees are in their company outing to enjoy, not to worry about other things, like bringing enough food for everybody, and cleaning up after themselves. Let the catering company do all of that, so that your employees can relax and unwind as planned.

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