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Bright Wedding Palettes to Try

Go ahead and experiment with two, three, or even four vivid hues for your wedding day.

Go for colors that evoke the energetic feeling you get when you’re basking under the sun. Choose shades of yellow and add a dash of mint green. Mix in some warmer red or pink tones to sweeten the set.

If you’re a fan of cooler tints, why not go for this violet and icy blue combination? These two similar shimmery colors will definitely stand out against a pristine white backdrop such as your wedding dress or the white tablecloth at your reception.

Who says the color pink can’t stand out? Choose a more intense shade then combine it with another fun tint like yellow or green. This bouquet is a great example of the perfect blend of these three colors!

Orange and green are uncommon tints that you can definitely use for your wedding. Just make one hue deeper or brighter than the other, so that you don’t end up hurting the eyes of your guests.

Are you an admirer of the color yellow? Go for a predominantly sunny shade then add touches of pink, green, and orange to break the monotony. This color palette will definitely work for an outdoor wedding as well as a wet one since it will beat the gloomy atmosphere.

Select colors from the same side of the color wheel. This table setup consists of complementary pink and orange shades that are both considered warm tints.

Showcase multiple wedding colors by assigning different shades to your bridesmaids. These dresses in lilac, peach, magenta, and green look extra luxurious because of the shiny fabrics used.

Nature lovers can select a bright green tone, then pair it with equally dynamic colors like light yellow and dark pink.

Consider this combination as nautical with a feminine twist! White and blue stripes plus touches of gold and pink can produce a lively maritime setting—perfect for weddings held on a boat or by the seashore!

Say yes to primary colors in brilliant shades! These will absolutely look nice with your all-white ensemble.

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