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Best Wedding Venues in Taguig

A spot acknowledged for its fast-paced development in the industrial, residential and commercial fields, Taguig City remains to be one of the centers for development in the Metro. Taguig City introduced the district with high-rise buildings, busy streets,  and modern establishments which makes the place a concept of affluence.

Coping into the stability of the place, Taguig city becomes one of the aimed wedding locations for contemporary and exquisite festivities. This city became an ideal location for weddings for its vast numbers of accessible establishments that warms clients with convenience.

To give you an idea of the different reception venues in Taguig, here is a list for your reference:

Alta Guia

Alta Guia is one of the premier events place in Taguig city, this wedding reception venue vaunts their excellent accommodations and event halls.  This wedding venue also offers first-class and comfortable suites as complimentary for their guests.

Alta Guia has two excellent event halls:

Seville Ballroom (100-150 pax)

This is a high-ceiling and wide function hall that is equipped with good lighting that goes along with an elegant chandelier as their ceiling centerpiece. Furthermore, Seville ballroom is resourced with an elevated platform that can accommodate the backdrop and the couple’s area.

Giving the couples a great chance to be welcomed warmly, an elegant staircase present in the hall can make your dream entrance possible. The comfort of the clients are also prioritized in this venue, Seville Ballroom is fully airconditioned good for a big number of pax.

Cadiz Poolside

A monochromatic function hall, Cadiz Poolside has a refined architectural design that is bare and simple yet stunning. This wedding venue has a fine view of the outdoor pool area courtesy of the glass panels present in the area.

The view of the great outdoors is more rewarding during night time where the skies and water collaborate to give shining displays. The poolside is a perfect spot to place cocktail tables accompanied by a mobile bar and food stations for couples who choose to give their guests an after-party experience.

Blue Leaf Events Pavilion

Blue Leaf Events Pavillion is known to be an events place with a modern-Asian design in the vicinity of the business district.

This wedding reception venue has three elegant function halls.

Banyan (300 guests)

Banyan is the biggest function room of Blue Leaf Events Pavillion that can cater to three hundred guests. It has a refined architecture that fits a Filipiñana themed wedding. The room is surrounded by wood-framed glass doors which give an outdoor view of the greens present in the proximity of the Blue Leaf Events Pavillion.


Octagonal in shape, the Silk function hall is a venue that honors interaction for guests and the couple during the celebration. For guests who have a number of a hundred and fifty guests, this venue would fit your event if you are to have dance numbers, wedding games for guests and other interactive activities as part of your program.


Jade is the smallest function hall of Blue Leaf Events Pavillion. This venue is fully airconditioned and has a view of the outdoor similar to the two other venues. The monochromatic aesthetic of this function hall is a good choice for couples who prefer a contemporary wedding.

Casa Real Events Hall

A wedding infused with a Filipiñana theme fits a celebration under the roof of Casa Real Events Hall. This is a distinct wedding reception venue in the middle of a busy district.

Cuadrilla Hall

A function hall that offers a truly historical experience, Cuadrilla Hall of Casa Real Events Hall is a fully airconditioned hall with antique featured architectural design. This room can accommodate a smaller number of invites that limit up to a hundred.

Solariega Hall

Offering quite a bigger space than Cuadrilla Hall but of the same architectural design, Solariega Hall welcomes an intimate wedding of a hundred and thirty invites. This function hall is also full airconditioned with a perfect proportion where a platform can be placed for the couple’s area. It is resourced with a shining and well-polished floor that adds elegance to your wedding.

Philippine Army Officer’s Clubhouse

Remarked by history, Philippine Army Officer’s Clubhouse has opened its place for civilians who wanted to celebrate their event inside the premises. PAOC an alternative term for the wedding venue is equipped with an elevated platform that can be a perfect spot for the couple. PAOC can accommodate up to three hundred valued guests and this is also a fully airconditioned function hall.

SMX Aura

The brand itself carries the place, SMX Aura is known to be a nest for social and corporate celebration. The wide space of this venue introduces the place to events with a huge number of invites in which comfort is just primary.

The place is well known for its accessible location, first-class facilities, and distinct service offered to clients

Having these reception venues in Taguig as your top picks for your celebration, you are greatly introducing the value of quality events place and service to your guests. The convenient location of event venues whereas hotels, churches, and ceremony spots are just within the vicinity, quickly you can conclude Taguig City has one of the best wedding venues.

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