Awesome Items for a Kid’s Party Loot Bag

Let your young guests have a lasting memory of your child’s birthday party through these fun goodies!

Not all loot bags are created equal. Some are huge, others are small; some are filled to the brim, while others fall short of expectations. You want your child’s impressionable party guests to bring home the same happy emotions they felt at the celebration. Make it happen by building the right loot bag for them and including items that they can.


Possible loot bag item options: A white shirt and washable markers, a cookie mix in a mason jar

Why these items work: Encourage children to get creative and use their hands the next time they get bored! Washable markers allow you to invent multiple shirt designs while a cookie mix introduces young ones to a new pastime.

Learn from

Possible loot bag item options: Short story books, activity books, puzzle books, find-an-object book

Why these items work: Books are the easiest way to stimulate young minds! You can even handpick books that are related to your child’s birthday party theme.

Play with

Possible loot bag item options: A mini game board, a deck of cards, a jar of bubbles

Why these items work: These items entertain young minds and allow them to interact with others. Game boards teach them how to follow instructions while cards help them learn how to count as well as distinguish colors and symbols. As for bubbles, who doesn’t enjoy jumping up and down to try and pop them?


Possible loot bag item options: An eco bag with your child’s party details printed on it, a colorful mini stool, a set of stamps

Why these items work: Teach kids the value of reusing items by handing loot bag items they won’t want to throw away immediately.


Possible loot bag item options: A packet of flower or herb seeds and a clay pot

Why these items work: Show children that they can do their part in protecting Mother Nature by getting them into the habit of growing plants. Witnessing the seed slowly grow into something more will show them the miracle of life.

Snack on

Possible loot bag item options: A chocolate bar, a pack of gummy bears

Why these items work: An emergency pack of sorts, a snack will definitely turn a hungry child’s frown upside down. You can even personalize the treats with easy-to-attach gift tags or sticker labels!

Use their imagination with

Possible loot bag item options: A box of clay, a can of slime, a set of cape and mask

Why these items work: Ice cream parfait, unicorn, castle fort—these are just some of the things you can whip up using clay! Slime, on the other hand, is a cool counterpart for the boys that can be used to play fun pranks with. Both genders can also have a blast taking on different personas with superhero masks and capes.

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