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Are you turning into a Groomzilla?

Brides-to-be aren’t the only ones who can turn into stressed-out creatures because of all the wedding planning. Be sure you’re not evolving into a dreaded beast that people would want to stay away from.

GROOMZILLA TRAIT: You’re too strict about the budget.

You take note of all the wedding costs down to the last centavo spent. You keep checking your shared Excel file as soon as you wake up in the morning, in the middle of the day, and one last time before you hit the sack. Making sure you spend within your means is making you lose sleep.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Break it down with your partner.

Have a list of things you’re willing to really spend for, and another list of things you can cut costs on. Maybe you can settle for a cheaper wedding venue or let go of booking that popular local band you were hoping to play for your reception entrance.

GROOMZILLA TRAIT: You want everything to go right so your bride stays happy.

“She wants this…” “She prefers…” “It can’t be that way because she…” Those are some of the lines that come out of your mouth as soon as something is presented by your wedding planner. You’re not happy unless your bride-to-be is happy. And you want everything to be 100% perfect.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Realize that nothing is perfect.

No matter how many times you rehearse your first dance or instruct your suppliers to follow the scheduled timeline, one thing or another (such as a sudden downpour or a bridal car malfunction) will cause your wedding to be different from what you expected. Hope for the best, but when things don’t go your way, just take everything in stride.

GROOMZILLA TRAIT: You’re too hard on your groomsmen.

You can’t help it but you’re too concerned about how your groomsmen look and what they do. You expect them to lose weight, shave their beards, and practically become whatever you dictate. You even ask to hear your best man’s speech at least a week before the big day, in case he says something incriminating about you.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Remember that boys will be boys.

Not everyone will have the chance to follow your strict fitness regimen or stick to a 1,500-calorie diet just to look good in your wedding photos. Moreover, some of them might be too attached to their facial hair to agree to shaving it off. Men will always be rowdy boys  in adult-sized bodies, so try to be more lenient with them.

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