Activity Booths for Adults

Admit it: There’s not much to do during corporate events except to eat and do small talk. For bigger parties, perhaps there will be entertainment, usually a few songs belted out, but after the polite applause, everyone goes back to their phone to amuse themselves.

Activity booths made for adults is an actual thing—and we’re not just talking about photo booths with wigs and hats. Think of these as those activity booths or areas that you see during children’s parties, except that people won’t frown on you if you’re in line for the booth, or enjoying yourself while participating in the activity. Plus, the employees will surely line up, because everyone loves a good freebie!

Here are a few ideas for activity booths to keep the adults busy:

Quickie nail salon

Who doesn’t want a free manicure? A quick cleaning or a fresh coat of nail polish sounds quite simple, but most girls won’t be able to resist it. You’ll even see some of the boys line up.

Wine and crafts

Adding alcohol or wine to any activity instantly makes any activity seem more sophisticated or grown up. Give a painting session a fun twist by throwing in some bottles of beer or wine into the mix, and everyone involved will feel so ~creative~ in an instant.

Short dance videos

Photo booths will always be here to stay, but why not take it up a notch and encourage your guests to do short videos to be posted on their social media accounts? Turn it into a contest for the best video, ask them to tag your event’s official hashtag, and everyone will definitely get into it.

Open fire cookout

Gathering around the campfire for some stories and s’mores will turn any night into one memorable night. For your next outdoor event, why not make it a cookout? Get the grill going, flip some burgers, and grill some hotdogs by the fire. Top it off by making your own fresh, hot, and gooey s’mores.

Floral arrangements

Floral arranging sounds too easy or old-fashioned to do, but you’d be surprised on how much work and vision goes into making even the most simple-looking bouquet of flowers. Get an expert to do a mini workshop on simple flower arrangement, and everyone will end up appreciating the work that goes into it.

Temporary tattoos

Remember when henna tattoos were all the rage? Tattoos might not be all that popular anymore, but people still get a kick out of a temporary tattoo. Get a tattoo artist who can create all sorts of tattoos, from the simple words to hardcore tattoos fit for a rock star!

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