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9 Ways to Be a Stylish Groom

As an old hit goes, “It takes two to make a thing go right.” Weddings are all about the bride and the groom, so men should also make an extra effort to look their best. Do so by following these tips below, and you just might outshine your bride.

1. Have your hair trimmed a week before the wedding.

It will give your hair time to relax and look natural in pictures. Also, go with a barber you trust. This is not the time to experiment with snazzy new cuts or hair color.

2. Shave or groom your facial fuzz.

Looking the part of the dashing groom also entails grooming your beard or moustache. Remember that too much fuzz might hide your important facial features, but suddenly shaving it all off might not make you recognizable to others as well. Ask your bride-to-be for her input and reach a compromise.

3. Wear something that matches the month, theme, and location of your wedding.

Just imagine the horror of wearing a tweed suit at an outdoor beach wedding set in the middle of summer.

4. Let the clothes dictate the formality of your affair.

Decide on what you want to wear, and wear it elegantly. Whether you choose a black tie, a single-breasted jacket, a three-piece suit, or Barong Tagalog, it’s best to stick to what you’re comfortable in since you’ll be wearing it the entire day.

5. Choose classic colors that will look amazing in photographs.

For suits, go for something in charcoal gray or navy blue. For Barongs, stick to off-white or cream—even for the undershirt! Though you might be digging a cool pattern or a unique color at the moment, remember that this might just be a trend that could look silly 10 years down the line.

6. Have your clothes made to cater to your body type.

No doubt about it, a well-tailored suit will make you look and feel confident. An experienced tailor can cater to your specific needs and recommend the best kind of cut and cloth that will enhance your features.

7. Make sure your clothes are ironed.

If you have the option, choose garments that don’t crease easily. From the dress shirt to the pocket square to the dress pants, your entire ensemble should look neat and orderly as you pose for pictures.

8. Select the right accessories.

The proper accessories will complement your wedding theme as well as make you stand out from the other men of the entourage. Choose an understated necktie or bowtie that highlights one of the colors of your wedding palette. Don’t pick one with a busy pattern that might take the focus away from your face, especially since this will be constantly seen by everyone. As for the dress watch, wear one with classic face and leather straps for effortless elegance. Finish it off with quirky cufflinks or fun printed socks, and a leather belt that matches your shoe color.

9. Shine your shoes.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new pair of shoes for your wedding, but they must look as debonair as the rest of your outfit. Have them polished then assess how they look. If needed, buy a new pair of leather Oxfords to Bluchers with soft rounded tips.

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