9 Unique Themes For Your Next Corporate Party

Tired of those common themes you have every year for your corporate event? Or you’re too problematic on how can you beat the theme from your last corporate event? Not now, here are some unique themes for your next corporate event that everyone will surely love!

1. Travel

Go and travel with your workmates in this travel-inspired themed for your event!

2. Hat Party

Become an awesome character you want to be by putting on your favorite hat whether it may be a magician’s hat, witch’s hat or pirate’s hat.

3. Retro

Bring back the 70’s, let the employees groove in the music from the jukebox!

4. Beach Luau

Wear Hawaiian dresses and prepare for your hula dance number.

5. Hippie

Bring those hippie days back with your colorful bandanas and sunglasses.

6. Oscars

Celebrate your night with glamour and enjoy the spotlight like your favorite stars.

7. Filipiniana

Relive the old Manila days of our history and be proud to wear barong and Filipiniana dresses.

8. The Great Gatsby

Indulge yourself with sleek fashion as you revive the luxurious, dark, and mysterious setting of the 1920’s novel.

9. Nautical

Ahoy! Let yourself feel like a sailor for a day.

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