8 Unique Venues for Your Child’s Party

Make your kiddie party one that they’ll never forget by throwing it in a location that no one will ever expect.

A butterfly farm or a petting zoo.

Children are naturally drawn to and curious about animals, and being close to nature makes your kiddie party feel more relaxed. Make sure to get the ground rules first of the butterfly farm or petting zoo so that you can plan correctly, and to ensure the safety of both your guests and the animals.

Venue to check out: World of Butterflies, Marikina City; Ark Avilon, Pasig City

An interactive garden.

Having a party in an outdoor garden is great, but having a party where your kids can get their hands dirty and plant their own seedlings and flowers will be more fun! You can either find an empty plot of land where you can do your “birthday planting”, or you can check out the nearby establishments that sell plants.


Venue to check out: Cedarhills Garden Center, Quezon City

A football field or basketball court.

If your kid’s crazy about sports, they’ll love to spend their birthday in the place where they can get their game on. Plus, you don’t need to provide extra entertainment, since all the kids will need is a couple of balls! Rent out a couple of lounge chairs and tents; get your food catered, and you can sit back and relax.

Venue to check out: Turf, Taguig City

On a campsite.

Going rustic is a real experience for our hyperconnected kids, so have them gather around a campfire, make s’mores and grill hotdogs. Get feel good music going, serve free flowing drinks, and you’re all set. Pitch a couple of tents to complete the experience.

Venue to check out: Camp N, Nuvali, Laguna

A private cinema.

Watching movies will always be a treat for anyone, and made even better if you have the movie house all to yourself. Rent out your own cinema, bring in your own caterer and other activity booths, and watch the kids get mesmerized.

Venue to check out: My Cinema, Greenbelt 3, Makati City

In an exercise studio.

The kids will get a kick out of attending a party where they’ll be able to do yoga or take a dance class! Give a free class for the parents who’ll be in attendance, too!

Venue to check out: Jollijam Arts Center, Makati City

In a hotel suite.

Throw a mini sleepover for your giggling tween girls, complete with finger food, movie marathons, and bubble baths. All the girls will need is just a lot of time to chat, anyway! Get adjoining rooms to give the chaperones a place to rest in.

Venue to check out: Oakwood Joy Nostalg, Pasig City

In a cooking studio or school.

Kids love it when they get their hands dirty, especially when it comes to food. You’ll be able to teach the kids some cooking skills, plus they get to take home what they created!)

Venue to check out: Nikko’s Baking Studio, Makati City

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