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8 Fun Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Make your reception party even more enjoyable with these photo booth options!

The photo booth has become a staple at wedding receptions, allowing guests of the newlyweds to take snapshots and bring home instant souvenirs of the memorable occasion. Sometimes, even the newly married couple makes their way to the stall to pose for their own set of pictures!

From the theme down to the props, here are suggestions that you could try for the photo booth setup at your wedding reception

Vintage Travel

Set up a space with a map of the world as background and these elements artfully arranged in front of it: a globe stand, stacked luggage, and old photographs. Guests can take photos holding a vintage camera (it can be an analog film type or even a Polaroid one), wooden planes, and even old-school binoculars.

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Origami Blooms

Cover a blank wall with origami flowers in varying sizes and colors. Use different types of paper such as cartolina, felt, and crepe to add different textures to your wall. You can also prepare paper pinwheels or paper flower crowns for guests to use as props.

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Rustic Garden

Whether your wedding is held indoors or outdoors, you can recreate a rustic garden for your photo booth with just a few essentials. Start off with a leafy background (choose artificial turf to make it look like real grass), install string lights above the backdrop, and position white-painted bird cages over tree stumps. Your guests can choose to clutch wooden signs with sayings such as “What a happy day!” or couple signs like “I’m his/hers.”

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Love is All Around

Which shape is synonymous to love? Hearts, of course! You can create a big heart décor made out of giant balloons or go for a minimalist photo backdrop with strings of mini hearts hanging from the ceiling to the floor. Guests can embrace heart-shaped pillows or pose with intricately designed paper cutouts.

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Heaven Sent

Prove that your union is a match made in heaven by creating a truly divine photo booth set. Add hanging elements such as a giant moon, puffy clouds, and twinkling stars to a sky blue background. The stars can also be held by your guests as their props!

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Cherry Blossom

Be transported to Japan with a beautiful photo booth featuring the oriental country’s gorgeous blooms. Recreate the trees out of paper mache and pink crepe paper, and enhance the mood by adding Japanese paper lanterns and an outdoor wooden bench. For laughs, allow your guests to don kimono outfits and hold ornate fans or paper parasols from the prop box.

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Red Carpet Glamour

Make your guests feel like VIPs by setting up a red carpet receiving area with matching velvet ropes and the paparazzi. For the backdrop, instead of the event sponsors’ logos, change it to include the bride and the groom’s names plus the date of the wedding. Urge guests do their favorite celebrity red carpet poses while clad in stunning gowns and bespoke suits.

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Sea of Love

Ocean-loving couples will enjoy a seaside setup with actual sand, seashells, beach chairs, surfboards, and coconut drinks. As they pose for pictures, guests can play around with the displayed beach balls and colored ukuleles.

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