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7 Wedding Reception Program Essentials

Have you come up with a lineup for your reception party? Make sure to include these seven program must-haves!

1. The grand introduction

This is your chance to make a unique statement as newlyweds! Enter the wedding reception venue with a show-stopping performance such as a romantic duet or a choreographed dance (see if your bridal entourage would enjoy getting involved as well!) and you’re sure to set the mood for the entire celebration.

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2. A lively host

Speaking of setting the mood, a big component of a great program lies in the hands of an entertaining master of ceremonies. Your MC may or may not be a paid professional, but he should have the magical ability to effortlessly introduce people (especially the difficult-to-pronounce names!), to make your guests laugh, and to stretch or shorten scripted dialogue when the situation calls for it. Plus points if: a) he knows how to speak more than two languages and can effortlessly switch dialects, and b) he knows how to carry a tune and sings songs your guests would actually enjoy hearing.

3. The cake cutting

This traditionally takes place after the bride and the groom have eaten their meals (or at least mid-way through reception), but in recent years, some married couples have switched up the arrangement. They cut the cake as soon as they enter the reception venue. This is actually more advantageous for the couple since it allows them to relax and enjoy their meal.

4. The first dance

As man and wife, the first dance showcases your ability as a team to give and take, to coordinate and cooperate with each other—all while executing snazzy dance moves! Choose your favorite song as a couple then ask a friend or hire a choreographer to teach you a dance routine. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or look silly on the dance floor. It’ll only be three to five minutes of your life anyway!

5. Engaging performers

When it comes to wedding receptions, performers don’t come easy. Young relatives of the couple are sometimes forced by their parents to showcase their amateur talents while more professional singers and bands charge by the number of songs they perform. Keep things short and classy. Don’t prolong the agony of your relative by requesting him to sing five songs when one or two will suffice. As for your hired performers, get them to perform two sets—one before the meal, the other after the program—to signal the start of the dancing!

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6. A few games

Aside from the traditional bouquet and garter toss (a word of advice from singles: ditch it! It’s our most dreaded part of the program.), there are fun games that now involve the entire assembly. Whether it involves a trivia game about the happy couple or a kissing game based on the years older couples have been married, these amusing diversions come with token prizes from the newlyweds!

7. Speeches and thank yous

The best man and maid of honor speeches are reception program constants, but if you feel that other people—such as your parents, religious guide, mentor, or close friend—should share their thoughts, request them to speak in advance (not on the day of your wedding!). Then, end your happy celebration by thanking everyone who helped make it happen.


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