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9 Ways to Make a Memorable Dessert Bar

Go beyond the chocolate fountain and get creative with these fantastic dessert bar ideas!

Offer different kinds of chocolate fountains.

A milk chocolate fountain will always be a crowd favorite, but what about a hazelnut chocolate fountain, or a liquor-infused one?

Make a donut station.

Portable donut makers now make it possible for you to have fresh donuts made while your guests wait! Offer numerous toppings, like sliced nuts, crushed candies, syrups, for your guests to enjoy customizing their donuts.

Have an ice cream station.

Give your guests the freedom to scoop up as much as they want–to make their own banana splits, or create a brownie ala mode. Make your cookies a whole lot better by making an ice cream sandwich! Offer a variety of soft cookies and different flavors of ice cream, and have your guests do the rest. You can even offer “ice-scrambol”!Don’t forget to include the syrups to make hard-shell ice cream.

Offer Jell-o shots.

If you’re not having wine or an open bar, jell-o shots is a good option for your guests to get a little taste of liquor, without getting drunk. Plus, it’s really fun to drink!

Make your own dessert crepes.

While you’ll need a professional to create the crepe itself, offering a lot of toppings or different combinations will delight your guests.

Offer a cake pop version of your wedding cake.

It might not be as elegant as getting a slice, but cake pops are fun and easy to eat. Kids will love this treat, too.

Create a candy and chocolate corner.

Have your guests make their own loot bag by offering packaged and assorted candies, chocolates, and other pre-baked goods for them to stuff their bags with. Think of this as their wedding giveaway.

Invite the cotton candy man.

Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of cotton candy? Nowadays, cotton candy can be made in several flavors, so indulge and let your inner child enjoy it. You can even have your guests try their hand in making their own cotton candy.

Serve stuffed cookies and cupcakes.

Give your desserts a surprising twist by filling it with a different but complimenting flavor. Think chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling, cookies stuffed with nutella or different kinds of chocolate—the possibilities are endless!

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