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7 Ways to Keep your Wedding Guests Entertained

Entertainment is an essential factor on every celebration to keep the enthusiasm going. Seeing your guests enjoying your party is priceless and will definitely give you a glimpse of success. Adding a personal effort to keep your guests entertained will surely keep them enticed with your event.

Here are the effective ways to keep your guests entertained!

Food Stations

People are certified foodies! One of the factors that guests rate and would love to talk about after the event is the food, most likely at some point they don’t want to felt stomach ache and boredom. One of the best ideas to consider is putting up food stations. Food stations are wedding trends that is usually provided by affordable catering it  gives both the flavor and a favor. The flavor, for food stations comes in variety, it can be a pasta bar,  grazing station, juice bar, churros bar and many more delectable options. It gives a favor, it will give your guests the chance to roam around and pick the food of their choice, at the same time this will also take their boredom away while given the benefit of satisfaction.

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Playing games for your wedding for entertainment purposes will never go wrong. These games can be played before the couple’s entrance on the reception hall or in between programs. Also, at some point games best defined your guests, who knows the groom and bride better. You can hand your guests flashcards and ask questions related to the couples and whoever win the game will have the privilege to first line up on the buffet, with that surely you can see competitiveness on each one of them present there.

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Grand entrance as couple

One of the most anticipated parts on the beginning of the reception program is the entrance of the couples as newlyweds. Camera lenses can’t afford to record lame and ordinary entrance of these two special persons. Couples can dance to a tune of a groovy song. Also they can sing together upon entering their reception hall. It will be so much better to have some sparks on. Provide some light sticks or firework sticks to better set a mood that will surely enlighten your guests.

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Dance showdown of the Entourage

One of the most exciting ways to introduce your entourage is through a dance showdown, it’s the Groomsmen versus the Bridesmaid. It would be so much entertaining especially when both parties are competitive. Choose to play a upbeat music that will make them groove the night away.

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Video Presentation

Catch your guests attention with a person story weave into a video presentation, let this video presentation reveals the youthful beginnings of the couples. Let your guests walk your memory lane for a moment and let them testify how your love blooms.  Also, a wedding trend to consider is the same day edit video presentation which your guests will surely love.

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Wedding Tradition

Filipino culture on weddings will never be complete without the traditions. These fun wedding traditions has been practiced for so long and was innovated in time to make it more fun and exciting. Some of the wedding tradition includes wine toast, money dance, and the first dance as husband and wife.

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This will surely make your guests stay even after dinner and commit to join you up to the end of the program, have their names registered upon their entrance and advice them that it is for the raffle on the latter part of the program. Make your guests anticipate the momentum by giving away exciting giveaways such gift certificates, watch, or other valuable goods.

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Make your guests feel their value by taking efforts to entertain them. Promise them no dead air! Surely they will stay up to the latter part. Giving your guests treats are one of the best payback you can give them as a gratitude for making time for your event.

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