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7 Ways to Involve Your Groom in the Wedding Planning

If you feel like you’re doing all the planning (and going crazy in the process), don’t look at your groom to be and think that he’s leaving you to do everything. Men aren’t really into wedding planning as much as women do, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to help you. Step back and figure out how you can plan your wedding as a team.

Respect his opinion.

You may have planned your dream wedding since you were 12, but you forgot one big detail: what about what your groom wants? Sharing your life together means you’ll forever strive to meet halfway with things, and find how to compromise. If he raises a concern over something, rather than brushing him off right away, hear him out and think about what he said.

Tell him what you need.

Men aren’t mind readers, so rather than making parinig that you’re so tired of wedding planning, give him his own tasks to do. Let him choose his own attire, the music, the food, the drinks—anything that is in line with his hobbies or interests.

Ask him specific questions.

Rather than fighting over why he’s not interested in choosing one out of 20 pieces of possible paper for your invitation, it’s easier for men to decide when their options have already been shortlisted. If you want to make things easier for the both of you, leave it down to two choices, like “Which do you want, the chicken or the fish?” or “Which bridal vehicle, the vintage BMW, or a carriage?” The best part is that you get an answer in a matter of seconds—no more overthinking!

Work on the guest list together.

The common practice is that the number of guests is split in half—one half for the groom, one half for the bride. While this practice might work for some, couples end up sometimes inviting people that the other person has never met before, or someone that makes them uncomfortable (like an ex!). Working on the guest list together and making sure that you only invite those that you both know, is better.

Put him in charge of the honeymoon.

The honeymoon is a major deal for the both of you, and it’s usually right up a man’s alley to plan road trips, adventures, and anything related to travel. If you’re tempted to check if he’s got all the details and itinerary together, try and hold back your need to control him—this is his thing, so trust him enough to do a great job.

Include fun items for him in the bridal registry.

A registry is not just a convenient way for guests to take the guesswork out of gift buying; it’s also your way of starting out your married life with what you’ll need. Most couples go for the expensive china, the cake stand, and other things that you don’t use on a daily basis. Focus on what you and your fiancée will use and enjoy every day as a couple (linens, pieces of furniture), and then you two can take turns choosing things that are on your “wish list”.

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