7 Things People Love About Holiday Parties

Great food. Food is one of, sometimes even the only thing that people remember from a party. So why ruin an otherwise legendary night with so-so food? Go for the best caterer your budget will allow, and one you’re sure won’t be stingy with the servings. Food for your Christmas party will depend on the theme, but if the party is at night, your guests will appreciate it if you serve up something heavy enough for dinner.

Alcoholic drinks. Hard drinks makes any gathering feel like a party, and it signals that employees or guests can let loose (but hopefully still be able to hold their drink!) Having beer is the usual and most common option when it comes to parties, but if your budget will allow it, an open bar feels more premium, as well as serving up a selection of wine.

Feel-good music. Most guests will bust out their moves on the dance floor only in groups or when they’ve partied long enough already, but the music’s got to be consistently good throughout the night. Think about it as “mood music”—it’s got to be upbeat and songs that most guests would know and won’t be shy to dance to.

Christmas decorations. Whether it’s hanging a few strings of Christmas lights, or going all out with fake snow and an entire Christmas Village as your photo-op, decorating your venue is a must. Match the décor with the theme to create a jolly atmosphere. Think if you would like to hire a professional events stylist to do it for your company, or if you would like to go all DIY.

Giveaways. A little token, even something small like bags of chocolate or corporate giveaways, will always be welcome. If you have the budget for it, raffling off some premium prizes would also be a good way to get your guests all excited to attend and participate in the raffle.

Photo-op. Some guests might believe the mantra, “If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen”, or some might just want to take a few snaps to remember the epic night. Whatever it may be, give them a special social media-worthy spot to go crazy in. Remember to create your own hashtag handle for your guests to use, too!

Guests. One of the amusing things about company Christmas parties is when the managers or higher ups party with the employees, acting like they’re “one of us”, or maybe even like a fish out of water. Either way, the higher ups should be warned over the number of selfies that might happen during the night, some even without them knowing that it’s being taken!

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