7 Steps To Slay a Pre-Debut Shoot

Every debutante wishes to have the most stylish and elegant invite through pre-debut teasers, but achieving that kind of core will cost lot of time effort from planning down to the execution. Getting hesitant to proceed? Don’t worry because below are your guides which can help in nailing it in every step of the way.

Brainstorm your ideas:

Get a pen and a paper then, jot down all the themes and significant details you have in mind. It may be a lot but it’s fine because by doing so, it will be easier to sort out your ideas in the latter part.

Done with your list? Let’s start to narrow down the pile and choose which debut theme must go and leave. Deciding on this matter perhaps can be tough, however, through these three questions, it will surely help which one is.


debut theme

Does it fit my budget?

Before anything else, it is a must to know how much you are willing to spend for your pre-debut shoot. Set your budget because this will help you circulate your fund efficiently, of course, you don’t want to spend a hefty price than your debut party itself.

debut theme

Is it achievable?

Your debut theme must be workable, most especially if you are cramming for the shoot. The materials needed for your shoot need not be brand new instead make use of your old junkies and recreate a masterpiece in it, a DIY of your personal touch.

debut theme

Is this what I want?

It is important that the debut theme you chose is the one you love the most because no matter how challenging it is to be visually enticing, you surely can enjoy it in the trail of execution.

If that debut theme earns three yes’s, congratulations! You are now progressing towards the execution.

debut theme

Look for location shoots:

Next on the list is to look for your possible shooting venues. You may consider shooting indoor or outdoor but definitely, there will be pros and cons.

Shooting indoors means having full control of everything. You don’t need to worry about the inclement weather patterns because you are entitled of privacy and comfort along with your team. On the other hand, shooting outdoors can be a bit challenging due to the unpredictable circumstances in the streets or in the park. Nonetheless, it allows you to move freely and explore with the winds as natural you can be.

Anyhow, be creative as possible and always keep in mind to check the weather condition of the preferred day of shoot to prevent procrastination of the whole project.


A good videographer and photographer make a good storytelling:

The creative team plays a big role in making your ideas come to life so better pick well because, in a pool of videographers and photographers, only a few have mastered the properties of a good storytelling.

Moreover, never forget to coordinate what you have envisioned for your shoot and listen to their artistic inputs that may help in emphasizing the beauty of your photos and save-the-date teaser. Anyways, you’ll be the one to say if it’s a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.

Decide your overall look:

Theme, location and creative, done! Now, it’s time to prepare for your wardrobe, hair, and makeup.

There are times when debutantes wear outfit and makeup that lacked in accent, outdone, or mismatched. To avoid this total wreck, look for clothing inspirations and makeup do’s and don’ts over the internet then, see yourself in front of the mirror to know whether it’s a good or a bad match. Otherwise, consult a fashion stylist and makeup professionals to help you achieve that natural glow. By wearing the right motif, you are also giving your attendees a sneak peak of what’s in for them at the party.

debut theme

Do a checklist:

It is advisable to double check on the working progress from steps 1 to 4, to know the things that need more attention and to avert major dilemmas on the shooting day.

debut theme

Take time to relax:

Being a hands-on debutante gives you a lot of stress, but above those, never forget to take a rest. Sleep for at least eight hours to recharge your mind and body. I guess you don’t want those pimples and dark circles to star on your video and photos, right?

debut theme

Seize the moment:

It’s your time to shine! So loosen up and get rid of that awkwardness, commonly forgotten by debutantes. Face the mirror and strike a pose to practice the way you communicate through the lens. Be yourself! Own it, slay it!

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