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7 Cool Wedding Video Formats

Who says you have to stick to a traditional video on your wedding day? Consider any or a mixture of these fun options to tell your love story!

Pre-recorded videos:

If you have the time and luxury, indulge in a wedding video that you can play before entering the reception area.


credits: vimeo

For camera shy couples, you can hire a cartoonist or stop motion artist to tell your story (or better yet, give a special surprise message for your partner!). Be involved by being the voice-over talents and cooking up fun, out-of-the-box ideas for the scenes.

Photo montage

Featuring your baby pictures to your cringe-worthy awkward stages to the time you met and became a couple, this video slideshow is a fun and relatively easy video to make and edit (no need to hire a pro for this!). If you decide to make a photo montage video, make sure your old pictures are clear or scanned in high-resolution format so the people in the projected images won’t look like pixelated blurbs.

Role play

Some people are natural actors who want to show the world just how talented they are. If you fall into this category, you can film a short video where you can fulfill your dreams of appearing on the big screen and being watched by hundreds of adoring fans. Reenact your favorite scenes from movies, TV shows, or even your own love story. The best part is dressing up in fun costumes depending on what genre you choose. Just remember to allot enough time to plan the story, write the script, plot the locations, secure the permits, film the scenes, and edit the video before your big day.

Save the date

Level up your save-the-date invite into a high-definition video you can share online. Sweet, funny, or sexy—the concept is entirely up to you!

Same-day videos:

This is now a standard part of the wedding reception in which your photographer and videographer present photo and video highlights from your special day.


the moment the bride steps into the church, the exchanging of vows, the first dance) and employ snazzy filming techniques such Expect tons of close-ups and dramatic lighting for this video format. Your videographer will focus on specific scenes (examples as a time lapse (fast motion scene of the makeup preparations), slow motion (moments before you two kiss), and more.


Your videographer will chronicle the whole day in a linear fashion, capturing random, candid moments as they happen. This can be combined with sound bites from the day’s events as well as pre-recorded interviews from the bride, groom, and the people close to them.

Music video

credits: www.weddingmarryoke.co.uk

Here’s what happens: A couple picks out a song. The videographer makes family members, friends, and guests lip sync to the lyrics of the song while doing matching actions. At the end of a party, an instant music video is born! The more willing you and your guests are, the livelier your music video will be. (In case you didn’t know, this video style is also known as the “marryoke.”)

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