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7 Budget Wedding Ideas

This 2021 couples are slowly gaining the confidence to say “I do” from a year where it temporarily turned into “do I?” This situation gives a big chance for the event industry to restart and once again cultivate special moments worth remembering even in midst of the pandemic.

While we are still in the middle of this adversity, couples are looking after affordable yet promising means to pull off their wedding. This gives eminence to the idea that was less popular before the pandemic came in, and these were intimate and minimalist weddings.

1. Plan your desired wedding

The importance of a well-planned wedding manifests in every small detail from the event preparation up to the post-wedding event. Having a reference and a clear vision of the things you want for your wedding is essential, like what motif to use, how many invites to have, what time of the day to get married, what services to avail, all of these are major decisions that will plot success on your event.

Saving time is also saving budget, when you get suppliers that perform at their best you are able to execute your dream wedding without wasting money since you are able to get what you paid for.

2. Have a budget to consider

Budget plays a major role in wedding planning. Having a budget to consider guides you on which suppliers to pick. Budget allotment for each wedding essential gives you an idea of every inquiry you are going to make on which possible kind of package or service you can avail.

Since the pandemic arises most soon-to-wed couples reduced their budget allocated for their wedding. Some chose to go for an intimate celebration to save money, effort, and of course to deal with the current restrictions. In connection to this, suppliers as well offer intimate packages for clients who chose simple, small yet promising events. These packages can be considered part of the new normal which caters to 50pax or lower depending on the client’s preference.

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3. Attend supplier’s events

Picking the right suppliers for your dream wedding might be tough since a lot of vendors nowadays are showing-off the best of their service at different promotional prices. The best thing you can do towards this is to make yourself present at supplier’s events, such as Grand Food Tastings, online bridal fairs, and venue oculars. Through attending these events you are able to know more or experience a part of their service first-hand. You can also learn about their packages and the best prices they can offer to you.

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4.Look for all-in packages

Most suppliers tie-up together to be able to give out all-in packages for their clients. For example, a catering service and a venue give out all-in packages for clients who want to lessen the hassle in coordination with their preferred venue and of course to get a huge discount on both suppliers.

All-in packages save your time and effort in finding the best pick knowing that a wedding event gives you a long list of boxes to tick upon preparation.

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5. Go for minimalist yet elegant style

Event styling promptly catches attention on the wedding day itself. Everyone is greatly pleased with the elegance of the hall made possible by a great combination of design, style, and colors.

There are a lot of styling inspirations online that you can incorporate into your event. Choosing a minimalist yet elegant design saves you a lot of money since nowadays styling is a bit costly due to the trend.

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6. Have a reduced number of guests

Though not a necessity as the restrictions are starting to loosen up, for couples who are considering a strict budget allocation for their wedding, one of the most accepted ways nowadays is to reduce the number of guests.

We understand that every name on your guest list is valuable, but in times like this safety is our top priority. You have to trim it down to a lesser number, though this is tough you can start choosing from the names of guests who are so-called high risk of contracting the virus such as senior citizens, and of course while giving an exception to the couple’s parents and others who play a major role on the event itself. Next, are the minors since they are also considered to be high risk therefore you can consider eliminating their names. Though this is one of the hardest things to do, the power of technology does its job for instances like this, you can have someone document your wedding live for distant audiences like them in that way they just miss the occasion physically but not totally.

7. Innovate and do research

Researching and exerting efforts to know more about the relevant planning details make a lot of difference in saving time and money. You can join Facebook groups that tap wedding planning, also there are groups for vendors and clients where there are exchanges of conversations about the service being offered. You can also find your ideal wedding inspirations online, as they’re a  lot of married couples who share their past wedding experience with a certain supplier. Online platforms also show-off a lot about wedding aesthetics and styling, a good way for you to catch ideas.

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2021 is such a wonderful year to put your best foot forward towards planning your wedding. Remember that wedding is such a beautiful event that deserves a promising celebration.

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