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6 Ways to Honor Mom and Dad on Your Wedding Day

You’ve been dreaming of the day when your mom and dad will be able to walk you down the aisle and into the arms of the love of your life. But one thing that brides sometimes forget is that their own parents might have also been dreaming of this day as well. You are the woman you are because of them, and it’s but just fitting that they’re also treated with the respect and love they deserve. Here are a few ideas:

Wear your mom’s wedding dress, or a part of it.

Some brides are lucky enough that their mom’s wedding dress not only fits them, but stands the test of time that you can wear it as well back then as well as now. If you’re not as lucky, inspect the dress and look if there are parts that you can weave or use for your own gown. Maybe you can use the veil, or use a part of the dress as a sash, or wear the skirt and top it over with some embellishments. With this, you’re also creating a wedding dress that future generations will also love to wear, too.

Weave them into the day.

If a parent or both can’t be present in the wedding, maybe because they’ve passed on or are unfit to make it, they can still be in your wedding in spirit. Visit their graves after the ceremony, or say a little prayer for them during the reception.

Make your parents’ items your “something borrowed”.

Wearing an piece of heirloom jewelry is sweet and elegant, but why not go the extra mile and include necklace pendants in your bridal bouquet, or sew in your dad’s cufflinks within your dress? Find the pieces you want to wear and get creative on how to weave them into your dress.

Bring photos of your parents during their own wedding days.

Get your groom involved by taking a couple of photos with the both of you holding photos of your respective parents during their wedding days. They’ll love the gesture, and again, it’s a family tradition that you can start and pass on to future generations.

Give your own speeches for the parents.

It’s customary for the parents to give speeches during the wedding, or for you to include your parents in your vows. But something less unexpected is allotting time for a special speech especially for your parents. Thank them for all the years of being with you, raising you right, and what you’ve learned about love and marriage because of the example they’ve set for you. They will love every second of it. Go the extra mile and frame a copy of that speech and give it to them as their own special wedding gift.

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