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6 Outdoor Party Games to Play

Take advantage of the wide, open spaces and play these entertaining games at your next alfresco kid’s party!

1. Sack Race

Have a sack race for all your little participants. Buy or reuse empty rice sacks and make the kids form a line at a starting point. Create a designated finish line for them to cross (the fastest three kids each win a prize!), and have the option of creating obstacles they should pass through. This could also be a sack race relay wherein one child passes on a stick to another child.

2. Hide-and-Seek

You don’t need any props to play this popular children’s game! Just select an “It” who must search for all the hidden guests after counting from one to 10. Even toddlers can join in the fun by pairing up with their guardians. Aside from hide-and-seek, you can also introduce kids to old-school Filipino games such as patintero, langit-lupa, and Chinese garter!

3. Giant JENGA

Originally played on a table, this popular game can be recreated by making life-sized wooden blocks that kids can take turns removing and placing on top of the formed structure. The object of the game is to keep the shape standing for as long as possible.

4. Water Balloon Fight

Fill up water balloons and let the kids (and even the adults) throw it at their opponents. The last person who manages to stay dry wins the game, but don’t you think it’s better to get wet ASAP so you can beat the heat? Reminder: Don’t forget to ask your guests to bring extra sets of clothes.

5. Slip and Slide

Perfect for a poolside bash or an open lawn party, you can customize a long strip of slippery surface that the kids can slip and slide on. Don’t forget to add lots of water and a soapy substance to make the path extra slippery!

6. Bicycle or Scooter Race

Engage in some healthy competition by asking the invited guests to bring their own bikes and scooters. You can divide the attendees by type of vehicle and by age group so that those without bicycles or scooters can borrow from others and also join in the fun.

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