6 Food Carts for your Office Celebration

Someone got a promotion? Or is it someone’s birthday, or retirement day? It’s a Filipino tradition to treat their officemates when something big happens. Filipinos love celebrating in a big way (hello, fiestas!), so why not make it extra fun by going for food carts instead? You can choose to get just one, or a combination of your favorite food–it all depends on you and your budget. Here are few ideas to get you started:

1. Street food

– This could be your friendly neighborhood manong who comes by with his street food cart every 4 in the afternoon, or it could be from a catering service that offers it along with their standard food. Either way, street food always wins a crowd, and a long line will definitely form for it. No one can resist it!

2. Fries

– Another crowd pleaser is fries. Whether it comes plain or flavored, no one can resist the crispy goodness of newly deep-fried fries. You can choose to offer it flavored, or with a few selection of dips.

3. Popcorn

– You get plus points if you find one of those old fashioned popcorn stands that pops it on the spot (we’re not talking about microwavable popcorn!). We love seeing those red and white striped popcorn machines, and we’re sure your officemates will do, too. If you want to offer more than just plain and salted, why not mix some flavor into it (cheese and BBQ are always good!), or mix some candies or nuts into one bag?

4. Ice Cream

– Again, you can choose to hire a cart on your own from your friendly neighborhood Mamang sorbetero, or you can opt to hire one along with your catering company. All you need is to agree on the number of scoops and types of toppings you would want, and watch the ice cream cones be finished in minutes.

5. Taho

– If you feel like celebrating in the morning, taho for breakfast is something some Pinoys do on a daily basis. But, food is infinitely more delicious when it’s given away for free, so getting free taho is still and always will be a treat–especially when it comes in containers bigger than the usual cups.

6. Chocolate fountain

– Okay, so this isn’t technically a food cart, but no one can resist a chocolate fountain–people simply gravitate towards it! You can mix things up a bit when it comes to what you would dip into the fountain. Marshmallows are a must of course, and fruits like bananas and strawberries are delicious. You can also offer up pretzels or other pastries and biscuits. And why stop at only one fountain, if you can have others that offer other types of chocolate? Now that’s definitely delicious!

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