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6 Details You Might Forget When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding contains a hundred details to be attended to, these details can be both macro and micro. 

Since couples are loaded with commitments and to-do lists, oftentimes they tend to forget other details than might cause delays on the wedding day itself.

Here is a quick breakdown of the commonly forgotten yet relevant detail.

A Contingency Plan for Bad Weather

Most of the time couples tend to forget to have plan B in case of inclement weather. Most of the time since the wedding date is set months before they tend to assume that the weather will favor them, but the thing is it is better to come prepared than sorry when everybody is already wet.

If you are planning to have a garden wedding have at least a tent to save your guest from sunlight or in case of rain. To spice this up you can ask the help of your event stylist to make sure this works and still looks good.

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Having a Day-Of Point Person

Contacting and making sure all your vendors will be present on your wedding day is a very important task that should be done days before your wedding day. Hence, on the day itself, there are a lot of things that might need follow-up or sudden changes that might need to be immediately attended to.

Having a day-of point person who can look into details, who can talk to your wedding supplier on your behalf, and can handle sudden changes is a big help to smoothen the preparation on the wedding day, and at the same time, this will help you focus more on preparing yourself and prenuptial activities.

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Ordering Vendor Meals

Some of the vendors include meals on their contracts with the soon-to-weds which means it is your obligation to provide food for your wedding suppliers. You can coordinate with your wedding caterer to provide extra food packs that are specifically allotted to all your wedding vendors.

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Bringing a Change of Clothing

The reception venue together with the guests will surely welcome the newlywed with upbeat music wherein they can’t do anything but dance to the beat. This happens so often that this kind of situation should be a norm for every wedding event. Bring extra dress wherein you’ll find comfort doing your activities and active interaction during the reception program.

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Asking Someone to Gather Gifts, Decor, and Personal Items

After having a long day, you’ll surely want to get rewarded with rest, but before wrapping up the night make sure to assign someone who will secure important items such as gifts, personal items, etc.

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Eating the Day-Of

It is already part of the unwritten rules on special occasions to make sure that you will have a full meal before starting your day. This is to make sure you’ll not lose your energy or worse pass out due to hunger.

It is also one of the best practices to have pica-pica snacks you can eat in between programs or during free time.

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The wedding day is undeniably overwhelming and busy. You’ll surely tend to forget things if didn’t organize all your to-do tasks. With this guide  you’ll lessen the hassle and  have a smooth-sailing wedding day.


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