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6 Date Ideas to Have In Between Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be stressful for both parties, especially when it’s the only thing that you and your fiancée do as a couple nowadays. Take a break from the planning to go on a date night will help you and your fiancée not just to relax, but also to make your bond stronger, even before you the I Do’s.

Go back to where you first met.

Some couples re-enact their love story for their pre-nuptial videos, and the romance and nostalgia of it is perfect for weddings. Why not do the same thing, except without the cameras rolling? Make it extra budget-friendly by bringing your own snacks, or packing food for a picnic. Extra plus points if you make a playlist of the most popular songs during the year you met, and play it during your date.

Try something new together.

Are you up to trying Czechoslovakian beer? Or maybe jump for joy in a trampoline park? A new experience instantly bonds people, especially partners, together. It gives you something new to share, laugh about, or to reminisce over. If you’re not up to something too adventurous, even just watching a movie or listening to music you both won’t usually choose is new enough.

Take an impromptu road trip.

There’s a thrill that comes with just letting loose, with no plans or details—just a car, a few hours to spare, and the anticipation of an adventure. Choose to head in one direction, and just drive around to soak in the sights. Vow to only pull over in places that you’ve never tried before—maybe it’s that roadside bulalohan with a killer view of Taal Volcano, or to enjoy the sunset by a park right smack in the middle of the city that you’ve never seen before.

Watch a sunrise.

Everyone knows that watching a sunset with someone you love is one of the most romantic experiences ever, but have you ever tried catching a sunrise? There’s more effort to be put into this date when both of you aren’t morning persons. But think about how romantic it can be—you’ll get to spend the first few hours of a day together, hand in hand, and have a leisurely breakfast afterwards.

Have a Choose Your Own Destination Day.

Choose one of the countries you would want to travel to someday—the more outrageous and far it is from the Philippines, the better. Ever dream of heading to a safari in Africa, or soaking in the cultural richness of Italy? Choose one and celebrate it for an entire day. Eat (or even cook!) their food, have a movie marathon of films shot on location in that country (plus points if it’s spoken in their native language), and plan out your itinerary as if you’re flying out there next month. It gives both of you something to look forward to and obsess over besides wedding plans.

Make a marriage bucket list.

Oftentimes, there’s so much focus put into making the wedding perfect, that the reason behind takes a backseat. When was the last time you talked about or just pictured your future life together? Will you have kids? What color will your house be? What will you do for retirement? Make a bucket list together with your fiancée, and the reasons on why you’ll be getting married in the first place will spring back up, as fresh as the first time you talked about spending your lives together.

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