6 Alternate Ways to Celebrate Your 18th Birthday

Ditch the frilly dress and the extravagant cost of a customary debut party. You’ll have an equally grand time with any of these options!

1. Host an outreach

Round up your family and friends, ask them for donations instead of presents, and celebrate your birthday with less fortunate people. You can prepare games, hand out giveaways, and cook a tasty meal that they will surely appreciate.

2. Stage a musical concert

If you’re a big music buff and you and your friends can play different instruments, why not arrange a music-themed celebration wherein different amateur bands can play? The food and drinks can have catchy names based on your chosen musical genre or favorite songs, while the finale would be you and your own band taking the stage and rocking to a few songs!

3. Throw a super sleepover

You don’t have to turn 18 with so many people present. Just invite your inner circle to your house on the eve of your birthday, and stay up until the clock strikes 12 and you’re officially a year older! Have an all-out slumber party with your favorite snacks at hand, your favorite movies on repeat, and customized beauty kits prepared for each guest.

4. Have a picnic party

Prepare finger food and cold drinks, fold up a picnic mat, ride your bicycle, and head to an outdoor location with a wide grassy surface you can relax on. Play childhood games like Patintero and Pepsi 7-Up, throw around a Frisbee, or gaze up at the sky and see how many cloud-formed creatures you can find.

5. Go out of town

Invite your friends to your family’s hometown or to a beach destination! There, you can have a weekend celebration packed with visiting new sites, trying out new dishes, and having wonderful new memories you’ll treasure forever. Just make sure your friends’ parents give their approval before you plan the details of this adventure! Better yet, bring one of your parents as chaperone for the entire getaway.

6. Stage a pictorial

Hire a professional team to do your hair and makeup and take your photos. You can invite selected people to join you for this pictorial, such as your parents, siblings, and best friends. Have about 3 to 5 different themes and ask them to bring the corresponding clothes and props to match the themes. The best part is seeing the pictures and having a laugh at the silly ones.

Whatever you decide to do on your 18th birthday, make sure you celebrate it with the people you love the most!

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