5 Whimsical Debut Themes to Try

Fancy, playful, outlandish—whatever you choose to describe it, these five themes belowcan and will make your debut party stand out!

1. Masquerade ball

The best adjective to describe a masquerade ball would be mystery, so choose a setting that can be cloaked in darkness through the use of light and shadows. Set up candles in different heights and sizes, and make the space luxurious through thick velvet curtains with elaborate brocade designs. It helps to have a grand staircase or an opulent-looking entrance where each guest can publicly announce his arrival by walking in with his mask on. Get ideas here to achieve this theme.

2. Fairy tale fantasy

Turn your favorite fairy tale into a simple or extravagant party theme. Alice in Wonderland is a great suggestion because the story in itself has some bizarre, trippy elements to it. Stage different areas featuring the different places Alice visited, let your wait staff look like the Queen of Hearts’ royal deck of guards, have teacups stylishly placed on top of one another as table decors, and prepare “Drink Me” potions for guests to try. You may consider our “Alice” theme for this.

3. Magical dreamland

Think white puffy clouds, flying unicorns, and pastel-colored rainbows. From these images, whip up animaginary dimension that exists solelyin your mind. Fill your venue with pearlized balloons, unicorn ornaments, cotton candy treats, hanging silver stars, origami paper cranes, and anything else that would make your party a dream come true.

4. Enchanted forest

Dress up as a water nymph, a woodland fairy, or even as an elf princess that dwells in an enchanted forest. For this party theme, it’s crucial to pick a venue with a garden element to it whether it’s located indoors or outdoors. Fill the place with bunches of tiny sparkling lights to make them look like magical will-o’-the-wisps, or ask your party organizer to set up a fog machine to add a dreamy quality to your venue.

5. Circus extravaganza

A tented setting will be the best venue to complement this amazing debut party theme.Use two contrasting hues as your party tent tints, and showcase these colors in your decors and the gown you’ll be wearing! Go over the top by hiring men on stilts, jugglers, magicians, balloon artists, and tarot card readers to liven up your party space.

If you’re still looking for other themes for your debut, read this.

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