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5 Wedding Venues That Don’t Involve the Beach or a Garden

Most couples want a wedding that’s different from everyone else’s, and the easiest way to accomplish that is by having a wedding venue that’s different from the usual beaches and gardens. Here are a few ideas.

A museum. Being surrounded by artwork or pieces of history can add a lot more drama to your wedding. The National Museum rents out select spaces for events and wedding receptions. The Mind Museum and the Ayala Museum are always holding events in their spaces, but are yet to host a wedding in there, but it’s worth a try to ask. Ask museums near your chosen location if they would be game to host your wedding, too. If you want a more intimate, small wedding, ask your local galleries if they’ll be up to it.

A zoo or pet café. If you and your fiancée’s ultimate dream is to go on an African Safari, then you won’t shy away from the idea of being surrounded by animals on your big day. There are several wildlife parks around the Philippines that you can look into, but if you’re looking into something more intimate and indoors, pet cafés have been sprouting up around the metro.

A movie set. For movie fans, being in the same place in where their favorite movie scenes were shot—like the house from The Godfather trilogy, or the castle that inspired Hogwarts in Harry Potter—would add an amazing element to your wedding. If you’re a fan of old Filipino movies, the house and the vast grounds of the Sampaguita Pictures studio are available for rent.

sampaguita gardens

An amusement park, carnival, or play area. If you’re a fun-loving couple, having your wedding with a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and activity booths in the backdrop would show just that. Most amusement areas have indoor event spaces that you can rent, or you can have it right on the grounds.

An ancestral home. A lot of us don’t have haciendas in the middle of vast sugar plantations, but it doesn’t mean we can’t find one to add grandeur to your special occasion. Manila is brimming with houses that you can use, as well as—once again—it doesn’t hurt to ask that beautiful house you’ve been passing by for a while if they can host your dream wedding.

felicidad mansion

A lush farm or forest. The rustic theme is still very much the favorite of couples nowadays, and having your wedding in an actual farm or forest would be completely committing to the theme, as compared to a manicured garden. The great outdoors will serve as a natural backdrop.

The place where you first met. If you want to go all-out nostalgic, why not hold your wedding near or in the place where you first met, or had your first date? It can be set up just the way you both remember that it used to look like, or you can have the reception look like how it did during your first date. It might not be as fancy, but the memories are completely unique to you, making your wedding unique as well.

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