5 Ways to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Worth the Trip

Your guests making the journey to your kid’s birthday party is something to appreciate them for, especially if they literally went to great lengths to attend. Traveling point to point in this city’s traffic is difficult, so how do you make sure that the party will be worth the trip?

1. Make your location easily accessible, or easy to find. Choosing a location doesn’t just mean that it’s within your budget and has great food, but it should also be accessible to both you and your guests. Review your guest list–do most of them live within the same area? Is your venue within an hour’s drive or less from most of them? If not, will at least half of your guests still make the effort to go? If the answer is no to at least one of the questions, re-think your venue choice to find one that will at the least half of your guests will be able to make it. If possible, provide a map on how to get to the location, and possible commuting routes.

2. Make sure your guests are comfortable. Before fussing over what cake to serve for your party, think about the comfort of your guests in the venue. Is the venue well ventilated, with properly working air conditioners? Or if you’re doing al fresco, are there fans and shade for guests to stay cool? Will you be serving unlimited drinks? Are the seating arrangements comfortable for both kids and guests, and will it encourage interaction between guests? Thinking of your guests’ basic well being will save you from complaints on the day itself.

3. Have everything ready 15 minutes before your stated time. There may be such a thing as “Filipino time”, but there are also those early birds who get there a few minutes before or on time. It’s unprofessional and sloppy to see you still setting up the booths, food being brought in by the caterers, or to have no one welcome them in the party. Make sure you’re there to welcome your guests, and that everything’s set up, ready, and waiting before your first guest comes in.

4. Get a caterer with unforgettable food (in a good way!). Food is one of the very few things that people remember about any event, whether it is as grand as a wedding, or a small and intimate get-together. Have a kid-friendly menu that’s both fun to look at and eat—decorating their own cupcakes, cookies, and the sort are a big hit among kids. If you’re budget permits it, include cooking stations, as well as food carts, for the kids and adults alike. If you’d like to make the big kids really happy, offer a round of hard drinks or beers to the non-driving adults.

5. Create two different goodie bags—one for kids, one for adults. Admittedly, a goodie bag is really for the kid guests, so we sometimes forget that what the kids appreciate won’t be liked by the adults. It doesn’t need to be pricey, just thoughtfully made and filled with things they can use (steer clear from putting your child’s face on any of the items!). Kids will always like to find small toys (think blocks, action figures, or tubs of clay), chocolates, and something they can personalize (like a canvas bag they can doodle on). For the adults, a reusable mason jar, a small pouch, and a battery pack for mobile phones will always be appreciated.

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