5 Ways to Inject More Fun at Your Kid’s Party

These ideas and activities will make your kid’s party enjoyable from start to finish!

1. Start off with a guessing game.

Come up with a fun setup such as a “Guess the Number of Candy in a Jar” or post wall riddles and rhymes which kids can answer once they enter the party venue. These installations can even double as one-of-a-kind decorations for your venue!

2.  Plan table activities.

For every table, place crayons, markers, and coloring pages (you can find many downloadable coloring pages related to your party theme!) to keep kids entertained before the actual party starts. Set up a mini-exhibit area where the participants can proudly display and take pictures with their finished works, and then choose the best creations for every age group at the end of the celebration.

3. Install party booths.

A party isn’t complete without activity booths that kids can line up for. From glittering hairstyles to temporary tattoos, young guests can show off their vibrant personalities by selecting designs that express who they are.

Why not rent party booths that will match your theme? A carnival-themed party could have the following attractions: bean bag toss, rubber ducky fishing, and milk bottle knockdown. Meanwhile, a princess-themed party can have these royal booths: decorate-a-crown, princess pampering station, and find-the-princess giant matching card game.

Just make sure all your young guests get to try the booths by handing out passports (with all the booths are listed down) or coupons (one ticket for each booth) as soon as they arrive.

4. Play entertaining melodies.


Make a party even more enjoyable by creating a pleasant music list featuring familiar children’s tunes and a slew of upbeat pop music. Play songs from popular kid’s shows (Hi-5, Peppa Pig, and Sofia the First, to name a few) and get your young guests involved by singing a few lines or dancing along to the music and snagging a prize by doing so.

5. Prepare easy games.

Always come up with games with instructions that are easy for kids to follow, especially the little ones! You want your young guests to have fun without the stress of having to take note of little details. Some of the most popular children’s party games include Musical Chairs, Bring Me, Simon Says, and Musical Statues, but you can also introduce three new ones:

Pass the Gift: Prepare a present wrapped in several layers of paper. Make the kids sit in a circle and let them pass the gift as the music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the gift will rip off a layer, and so on. The last person to remove the wrapper on the actual present takes home what’s inside.

Line Game: Create teams with five to six people in each team. The host will call out different instructions, and the team must follow the instructions correctly or get eliminated from the game. Line commands could be easy—such as lining up by age (from oldest to youngest) and by name (alphabetical)—or complex such as lining up by the number of siblings you have.

Make Me Laugh: The object of the game is to make the members of the opposing team laugh in one minute or less. The team assigned can make funny faces, tell jokes, or do anything to elicit laughter from the other team. Whichever team is able to hold their laughter the longest (meaning, no smiling, smirking, or laughing) wins the game.

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