5 Steps to Planning a Kiddie Party in a Month (or Less!)

Birthday parties for children have become quite the affair, but before you get carried away, it will only get as big and grand as you would want it to be. Let’s go back to the basics: What will make your child happy? How would he or she want to celebrate it? Let these basics guide you in your planning, and then implement these tips:

1. Send an e-vite.

Time needed: 1 hour

Nowadays, it’s completely acceptable to text your guests to invite them to your child’s party, or to create a Facebook group and invite it through there. You get instant RSVPs, and it saves trees, too!

2. Decide and secure a venue.

Time needed: 1 day

The most affordable venue would be your home, second would be your child’s classroom, to be done in the middle of their school day. It will save you on decorations as well! But, if you’d like to secure another venue, this should be the very first one that you must book ASAP. Ask your venue if they can recommend a stylist, or if they’ll throw in the design of the venue as well, to give you less things to worry about on the day itself.

3. Book a caterer. 

Time needed: 1 – 3 days

The food is one, if not the only thing that guests will remember about your child’s birthday party, so you must make it deliciously unforgettable! Since you have limited time, think about crowd sourcing on social media for their recommendations, and choose three from the list to ask for quotes and menus from them.

4. Design a cake and get a cake designer.

Time needed: 1 – 2 weeks lead time for ordering

Choosing a cake design for your child on Pinterest might take a while if you let your child do it, so it’s best to give him or her only three cakes to choose from. Print out the peg and give it to your cake designer for them to do and tweak. No cake designer? Let social media give their recommendations again, or a simple google search will pull up a couple of names for you easily.

5. Get entertainment.

Time needed: 1 day

Think of two activities for kids to enjoy, and something for adults. Maybe give out bubble wands and craft materials for kids, and a photo booth for adults will be enough for them to have a great time!

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