5 Smart Ways to Save On Kiddie Party Costs

Who knew that a birthday party for such a little baby could be so expensive? Here’s how you save some pesos on your budget, while still giving your child and your guests the best time ever.

Review your guest list. It’s simple—the more guests you invite, the more people you need to feed, the bigger your venue needs to be, and the more goodie bags you have to give out. The fastest way to cut costs is to make it a small party.

Make the party short and sweet.  Thinking that a one-year old will stay behaved and in a good mood for more than two hours is too much to ask. Keeping the party short will mean less money spent on venue rental and food, plus a less restless baby and guests.

Focus on what you need first, not on what you want. All that you need for a good party is a place, food, a cake, and guests—everything else are wants. A good caterer for the best food to serve your guests, a roomy venue, and a list of guests who sent in their RSVPs already are needs. A cotton candy machine, a bouncy castle, and a goodie bag loaded with pricey toys are wants. Spend on what you need first, and then evaluate if you really, really need the other details.

Re-think the need for activity booths and specialty food booths. Guests love a dessert spread or an artist that will draw their caricature, but they don’t really expect or look for those add-ons during a party. Again, go for what you need first, then what you want.

When it comes to food, go for quality, not quantity. It’s better to serve five dishes that are super delicious, rather than ten or more dishes that are just okay. Guests always remember the food that they eat in different places and events, so it’s better to splurge on a great caterer.

Go for a general theme. When your child’s party is connected to their favorite cartoon character, the items for it—from plastic bags to birthday banners—are more expensive, just because it has the character’s name or face on them. You can choose to follow the same color theme of the favorite character, have your child dress up in the character’s costume, and create a simple cake with a cake topper of the character. Everything else can be as generic as possible. Also, be sure that your child’s birthday is still styled in such a way that children will still enjoy the place. Sometimes, we get too caught up with making sure that the event looks “Pinterest-worthy” or “Instagrammable” to remember that all your child cares about is being surrounded by the people they love.

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