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5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Your Destination Wedding Venue

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So, you’ve got a beautiful wedding destination in mind. Want to say your “I Do” near the pristine white beaches of Boracay, Philippines? Or maybe you’re enchanted by Iceland’s landscape? 

Whatever the case, planning a wedding is not easy. Having a destination wedding is another beast entirely. 

Thanks to technology, organizing a wedding from a distance is doable. Yet, nothing beats seeing your wedding venue with your own eyes.

Is it worth the trip? We say, if you have the budget then why not? Here are a few reasons why you visit your destination wedding venue:

Reason #1: You can scope out the venue

Visiting your destination venue before the big day helps you check for its accessibility

You can look at how the guests can travel from the airport or just around the place. Aside from that, you can also make sure that the venue meets your expectations. 

Tip: Look around the venue during peak and off-peak hours so you can get a grasp of foot traffic. Do this especially if you’re traveling to a tourist hotspot.

Things to consider: 

By being present in your venue, you can properly visualize your vision. You can better see how your wedding decor, color schemes, and other personal touches will fit into place. This will help you adjust your plans if needed.

Reason #2: Get to know your local vendors and destination planner

This would be a great time to get to know your local wedding vendors and planners. Meeting them face-to-face allows for quick feedback from you and them. This is a good time to let them know about your thoughts about their wares and make some last-minute changes.

While you’re there, why not have a cake and menu tasting? This is a good use of time to ensure all your wedding needs are tailored to you. You can also sample the hair and make-up offerings that they have.  

Establishing a personal connection with the venue’s team can enhance communication and ensure that everyone is on the same page on your big day.

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Reason #3: Verify the local marriage requirements for a destination wedding

Wedding paperwork can be done online nowadays and in person quickly but some venues might require you to sign documents further in advance. Some travel agents even ask couples to come a few days before their wedding to complete the details.

To ease your worries, here are some things to keep in mind: 

Reason #4: Plan for your Guests

Visiting your destination venue before the big day gives you time to explore. Why not tour the places nearby and look for activities to suggest to your guests? You can plan group activities that your whole wedding party can enjoy while they stay at the beautiful venue. 

Reason #5: Give yourself and your partner some TLC

Treat this as a mini-getaway and a planning trip in one! Take one day away from strategizing and wind down. Sip some margaritas, book a couple’s massage session, or just relax and bond with your betrothed. 

Savor your time in paradise and return energized to tackle wedding decisions and jumpstart organizing your destination wedding!

But what if you can’t go or don’t want to spend more time than necessary?

Of course, sometimes visiting the destination wedding venue just won’t happen.

Destination wedding teams are used to couples organizing teams from afar. Coordinate with your travel agent or your destination wedding coordinator for all your concerns. 

Use technology to your advantage. You can also ask your travel agent to show you the place in real time through video calls. If it’s possible, schedule a Zoom call with all your vendors.

But, it’s necessary to arrive at the destination at least a few days before the big day. Most venues require this of couples so they can affirm or make a few tweaks to your decisions.

Looking for destination wedding venues?

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