5 Reasons Why You Should Decorate With More Plants Than Flowers

Decorating with flowers is the obvious choice when it comes to weddings, but there are a lot more alternatives to it than you think. One great alternative is greenery.

Flowers will always add brightness and color to any event, but there’s more than one way to decorate for your big day. Greenery, or foliage, is perfect for a rustic theme, but it can basically work with any wedding theme you might have. Kate Middleton’s unforgettable wedding to Prince William showed that you can even bring actual trees into your ceremony, making green plants the “it” way of decorating. Let’s count down the ways on why adding more plants to your theme will work for you.

It’s much cheaper than flowers. Florists charge a great deal for their arrangements, and chances are, you’ll need a lot of flowers to decorate your wedding venues. Flowers can get pricey, especially if you’ll want the pricier or hard-to-get ones. Mixing your flowers with more greens will mean you’ll need to pay for less of the flowers.

It will stay fresher for longer. Delicate flowers might wilt right away under the heat, but greens, especially if you choose wisely, will stay as fresh and green as the first time you saw them. Choose plants based on your wedding venue—meaning indoor plants for wedding venues in churches, hotels, and other covered venues, while outdoor plants for open air venues, like beaches, gardens, parks, and the like.

It can be both simple and dramatic. Just like floral arrangements, plants and foliage can be arranged in such a way to show simplicity, like perhaps a few vases of greens to line the church aisle, or go grand, like a giant wall of foliage for your photo booth. The best part is that you can easily make it work for you.

It can work with any wedding theme. Greenery is usually found in weddings with rustic themes, but if Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding proved anything, it’s that greenery can fit into even the most royal and grand of weddings. Greenery is a neutral decoration, and will always compliment your chosen color theme.

Seeing greenery has a calming effect. We are encouraged to see patches of green, or surround ourselves with greenery, because it’s our natural habitat—we were born to feel at home in nature. Green is also the color of an open and welcoming heart, which means people will instantly feel more relaxed around you if you wear the color green. The effect is the same with decorating your wedding with greenery; it gives a warm, welcoming feeling to your guests, which is exactly what you would want your guests to feel.

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