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5 Photos that You Don’t Need to Take

Taking photos of your wedding is one of the best ways to make it last forever. Photos immortalize your big day for you to cherish it forever. Even so, there’s no need to take photos of every single detail of your wedding. Here are the shots that you’ll be able to live without.

1.  Photos that you found online

Reading too many bridal magazines and websites turn into black holes for wedding inspiration when you don’t know how to control yourself. If you’re completely in love with some photos that you found, there’s nothing wrong with showing it to your photographer for him to use as pegs, but don’t expect it to be copied to its exact form, down to the position of the clouds and the lighting from the sunset. For one thing, there’s a lot you can’t control over your big day, and secondly, you hired your photographer for his or her originality and vision, and not to be a copycat.

2. Shots that are super photoshopped.

There’s nothing wrong with looking great on your big day, but if you’ll ask for your photographer to make you look completely different than how you did on that day (or in normal life, for that matter!), that makes your photographer a plastic surgeon or magician. Your photographer will erase obvious flaws, like stray hairs or a bit of teeth whitening, but he or she won’t suddenly give you a 24-inch waistline or remove the facial hair of one of the ninongs.

3. Pictures of your wedding items in strange places

Haven’t you looked at a photo of a wedding dress hanging on a tree and wondered, “What’s it doing there?” Most photographers try to be different or give you something creative and out of the ordinary, but it shouldn’t be to the expense of the photos not making sense. The best photos are those taken behind the scenes, or those wherein everyone looks comfortable, relaxed, and happy to celebrate with you.

4. Snaps that are out of your photographer’s style

Before hiring your photographer, you knew how his or her work looked like and fell in love with it. So asking more “natural” shots from an otherwise very fashion editorial-like photographer or vice versa will just leave you both disappointed. Before even hiring your photographer, be sure you’re not only comfortable with your photographer’s style, but that you’ll be comfortable or at least be willing to cooperate with him or her also.

5. Shots of everything

Taking photos of everything happens because you want to remember every single detail of your big day, even down to the tiny sauces served with your food. But it is a waste of time and energy for not just your photographer and his or her team, but for you too, since you’ll be participating in a lot of the photos. When you review the shot list with your photographer before the wedding, think about the shots—will it all make it to your wedding album? Will looking at each photo fill you with joy? Only ask for the shots that when you look at them, you’ll be filled with so much joy—almost as happy as you felt during your wedding day.

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