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5 New Trends for Kiddie Parties

A kid’s birthday  is a staple yet memorable celebration for our little ones. Parents are always in search of exciting treats for their children through activities that bridges the difference of generation. Apart from this, kid’s party is constantly gaining attention especially on social media for its lovely innovation overtime.

Explore the branding of kiddie parties with these new ideas that is a sure applaud for the young ones:

A Fantastic Theme

Whether it is a 1st or 7th Birthday party, an adorable kiddie party theme shouldn’t be missed. While the internet is providing variety of concepts, still it is suitable to avail the services of  an affordable catering who also offers event planning and styling.

7th Birthday

Kids will have a version of evening party through this OWL PARTY theme. The mysterious night adds the excitement and wonder to your little ones.  Include print outs following the theme such as table numbers, food name cards and guest name cards. Read full article of this theme.

7th Birthday

Cater to your kid’s dream of being a sailor through this theme. Navigating the sea has never been fun like this way before! Include card sets with pictures of boats and it will surely be an additional attraction. Read full article of this theme.

Appetizing Food Cart

Prepare an appetizing food cart courtesy of  affordable catering services. Churros station is a must try, kids can choose which toppings they will use to delight their bread. Mix and match sprinkles to infuse the appealing appearance of the churros.

7th Birthday

From this variety of sprinkles, choose a colorful treat to attract kids.

7th Birthday

Adorable Costumes

Encourage guests, especially the young ones to wear costumes to contribute to the excitement of the party. The kids can dress up similar  to their favorite character.

7th Birthday

Charming Souvenirs

While loot bags are the common party giveaways, we cannot take away the element of surprise incorporated with this party bag. Let’s make it trendy and timely by using printed bags and putting more exciting surprise inside.

7th birthday

Fun and Enjoyable Games

Aim for a dynamic party and throw exciting games that kids will surely love. Go for games that develop the kids’ social ability, such as tug of war, the boat is sinking, and relays. Just don’t forget to include prices so that the kids will be more encourage to join.

7th Birthday

Name Tags

Name tags are used to allow kids to engage with others kids. Kids will be more dynamic and willing to be involve on games once they already make friends with others.

7th Birthday

Explore the great options beyond tradition, make more exciting stories the surely your little ones will remember.


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