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5 First Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Get inspiration from these cool birthday party themes—perfect for one-year-old girls!

1. Her Royal Highness

Since you follow your little lady’s every command, it seems only fitting to have a theme that centers on her being your little princess! Make sure you let her dress the part with a tiny bejeweled tiara, a gorgeous ball gown, and a pair of sparkling shoes. Stage a grand setup with a horse-drawn carriage and a castle backdrop with knights guarding every corner. Have a fun relay game wherein each participant needs to don a complete royal outfit, from the crown down to the robe and scepter!

2. The Little Mermaid

For a water-loving baby, an underwater setting would be the perfect theme for her first birthday! Fill the stage with adorable sea creatures and marine elements, and go for a blue and green palette for your decorations. Play games such as Marine Guessing Game (where kids guess zoomed-in images of underwater animals) and Find the Underwater Treasure (by diving into a pool of balls). The birthday celebrant might not be able to partake in the games yet, but she can have fun swishing her tail in a custom-made mermaid outfit!

3. Prima Ballerina

Musical babies will fall in love with this elegant party theme which features beautiful dancing silhouettes! Coerce your birthday girl to wear pink leotards, tutu, and ballet shoes on her special day, and invite young female guests to do the same. Prepare dancing games like Musical Statues and Newspaper Dance. As for dessert, have little cupcakes decorated with ballet shoe toppers which little ballerinas can instantly snack on.

4. Little Miss Baker

Throw a party as sweet as your one-year-old! With giant cupcakes and lollipops artfully arranged all over the venue, everyone will be able to guess what your tasty theme is. Dress your child in an all-white chef’s hat and uniform and add a red apron to complete her outfit. To add merriment to the festivities, arrange for do-it-yourself booths where kids and adults can decorate cupcakes (the prettiest ones win!) or have guess-the-cake eating contests (blindfold contestants and make them guess the flavors!).

5. Alice in Wonderland

Throw a garden tea party for a celebrant who can’t get enough of beautiful flowers, lush greens, and all things wonderful. But not to worry! This garden theme can be celebrated indoors or outdoors, and your treats don’t have to be limited to teas, cakes, and scones (you can still serve the usual party dishes!). Decorate the Mad Hatter’s Hat and Teacup Relay Race will surely be two exciting games for your guests!

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