5 Debut Themes to Spice up your Celebration

Womanhood is one of the most important phases in a girl’s life. In the Philippines, this is always a call for celebration wherein the loved ones of the debutante gather together. This party is best incorporated with a debut theme that adds enticement to the party hall.

Here are some of the debut  themes to choose from:


A sweet reminder of our childhood, this theme is a feast fit for a princess like the debutante. There are a lot of Disney princesses to choose from; Ariel the Mermaid is one of them, the venue can be turned into an under the sea setting, the debutante’s chair can be a do it yourself clam to add flavor to the party. At the same time, a bubble machine can be used to add more feels to the event. Also, Belle of Beauty and the Beast is ideal, be inspired by her gown that flaunts only elegance.

debut themes



This debut theme follows no certain pattern. A mix and match composed of earthly colors that help elevate the natural aura. A picnic tablescape is a great idea, this adds more festivity to the event, just don’t miss putting candles to add more details. Vintage cups and plates are also a perfect pair.

debut theme

Pastel Theme

Be pretty in pastel! Choose two complementing colors and make it your primary colors, then match it with details that follow a certain palette. Set that calming vibe and make your venue fabulous through the burst of light colors.

debut theme

Masquerade Ball

It is mysterious but luxurious in nature which excites everyone. A suggestion is to pick two rich colors such as black and gold to display formality and elegance. Playing of classical music add more feels to the venue, used of chandelier will also add a “Phantom of the Opera” feels, a movie similar to the theme.


A childhood inspired theme, a testimony that we all have that sweet side. Pastel colors are palette suggestion, to add beauty, life-size candies such as marshmallows or lollipops best define this theme. Also, a do it yourself candy corner for everyone who has sweet tooth is a recommendation.

debut theme

Themes guarantee beautification of your debut venue. Astound your guests with a debut theme that brags style and let confidence be your fashion identity.

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