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5 Best Wedding Venues in Las Piñas

A distinct spot for  industrial, institutional and commercial spaces, Las Piñas and its proximity takes the trend for its competence in terms of growth and commerce. Situated in the middle of fast pacing streets and a place where affairs whether social nor corporate are on surge, a demand for a great venue was born. This place has been a sprouting hub for social events specifically weddings for its valuable spaces, comfortable surroundings and soothing ambiance.

Take a snip of the best wedding venues that Las Piñas and its environs can provide you:

Palazzo Verde

One of the beautiful wedding venues known for its dazzling architecture, a product  of a grandeur and elegant collision, Palazzo Verde show offs nature’s fascination in the midst of a busy city.  Palazzo Verde show offs a  garden that is crafted perfectly to impress  clients from its architecture down to its  scrupulous detailing.

Living by its claim “sought after venue” Palazzo Verde proves that the element of elegance is an essential quality to earn attention. Palazzo Verde displays exquisite feels courtesy of the thematic interiors, opulent halls, and high ceiling architectures.

best wedding venue

best wedding venue

Colonial Ballroom

The royal blood feels invades the place, Renaissance painting and chandeliers will surely capture your eyes.

Byzatine Garden 1

The glass walls offering exciting views of fresco garden set the refreshing ambiance. A coffee bar is also accessible within the area.

Byzatine Garden 2

The mysterious spectacle of this place will amaze you visually and take your mind in wonder. The presence of landscape and waterfalls take you to a well imagined world.

Victorian Garden 1

The classy yet calming aura stills the moment. From head turning entrance to its gold leaf plated pillars and paintings –filled ceiling, Victorian 1, provides you the venue that will stun everyone.

Victorian Garden 2

This venue can accommodate 300 pax, combined with all the elements that emphasize the details of the Victorian Era, this is Palazzo Verde’s biggest venue.

Versailles Palace

A villa style wedding venue in Alabang in the southern part of the Metro that welcomes an ambiance of serenity perfect for intimate wedding. The place is  accompanied by spacious, magnificent and cozy displays that appeals to clients. Versailles Palace is best possible for garden wedding, favoring the beauty of the outdoor, a pool is an additional attraction for guests and one of the best picture perfect scene.

The halls of Versailles Palace is exquisitely designed following the culture of  elegance that the wedding halls are demanding, a fully customizable place that can recreate your event space into your dream venue with the power of event styling. The venue spaces of Versailles Palace includes The Grand Ballroom, Veranda and function halls that is great for events with large pax.

best wedding venue

best wedding venue

Paradiso Terrestre

Paradiso Terrestre is a venue in Bacoor, Cavite that displays magnificence, upon entering the premises of this venue clients will be welcomed by awe from its exterior leading into its interior. Paradiso Terrestre offers the best of their indoor and outdoor premises, they can readily accommodate both ceremony and reception providing their clients the best spaces that can be turned into their portal of their dream place.

Attractions that this best wedding venue is offering includes their enchanted  forest ambiance and a cozy waterfall view. Paradiso Terrestre welcomes their clients with their eight venues that can go along with their special events namely, Casa Nenita, Patio Verde, De Cor Azul, Jardin Grande, Villa Estrella, Via Romana, La Terraza, and La Vista.

best wedding venue

The Blue Leaf Filipinas

Making a swift progress for events place, The Blue Leaf Filipinas upholds Filipino inclination on each of its function rooms, named after the different renowned Filipino trademark. Harana, Pahiyas, Sinulog and Pintados which they commits  to make Filipino  impression to their valued clients. Blue Leaf Filipinas suits a wedding that is themed after a modern Filipina, who is composed and versatile in nature.

Primarily this events place welcomes scrupulous detailing for event styling specially for its high-ceiling features. This event place secures a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the midst of high rising buildings and laborious neighborhood.

best wedding venue

best wedding venue

One Esplanade

One Esplanade is one of the best wedding venues known for its  state-of-the art structure, impeccably situated by the coastal body of Manila. Surrounded by high rising buildings and the good deals of the Metro, this premiere venue offers amenities that can superbly meet standards of the clientele. One Esplanade is of with large space that can accommodate vast number of guests.  The function halls of One Esplanade perfectly paint alluring scene once beautified by ceiling decorations that affordable catering services in Manila can provide.

best wedding venue

best wedding venue

Las Piñas and its suburb already provides you great options of event places to choose from, giving all the benefits of comfortable spaces, relaxing atmosphere, well composed interiors and exteriors, picture perfect spots and reliable locations, no doubts the southern Metro has something to offer and take part for your social and corporate events. Palazzo Verde, Versailles Palace, Paradiso Terrestre, Blue Leaf Filipinas and One Esplanade are just few of the great places the Metro has to offer, be oriented about the different great spaces you might eye for your next celebration.

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