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4 Wedding Traditions You Can Change

It’s the 21st century! It’s high time you ditch the old ways and make new traditions.

1. The bride should wear a white wedding gown.

Back in the 1800s, instead of wearing the typical silver or gold gown, Queen Victoria started a trend by wearing a white satin gown (a show of wealth and stature among the nobility, not purity as everyone assumes). The world soon followed, and to this day, many brides choose to wear white. However, since this is not a strict tradition rooted in faith, it is perfectly alright to go against the grain and wear the color you prefer. Whether it’s ecru, blush, or even black, you are welcome to don the hue you are most comfortable in and hopefully start a new wedding trend. (Side note: This can also apply to the bride’s choice of shoe color. No need to stick to white!)

2.The bridal entourage should be composed of single people only.

This custom is quite outdated, especially when the people you hold nearest and dearest to your heart may have already tied the knot way before you decided to do so. The maid of honor can definitely be a matron of honor, while the secondary sponsors tasked to light the candle, position the veil, and place the cord can be married couples who you both look up to and turn to as relationship guides. Furthermore, if you have two best friends, who says you can have multiple best men as members of the entourage?

3 . The bride must be given away at the altar.

It was common to have arranged marriages back in the olden times. Sadly, women were a form of bargaining tool used to create bonds or strengthen ties between families. As a result, the bride was literally turned over from the father to the groom. The father relinquished his control over her (not to mention her dowry), and the responsibilities of taking care of her are passed on to the husband. These days, there are a number of reasons why this ritual might not be followed anymore. For example, the bride may not be in good terms with her father, or she would simply prefer to present herself in equal footing with her husband-to-be. The giving away of the bride is simply a symbol of her parents’ blessing for this union.

4.There should be a wedding cake served at the reception.

Did you know that in the past, the white wedding cake symbolized the bride’s purity and fertility? Who knew, right? These days, a tiered fondant cake is a costly addition to the wedding extravaganza. If you and your partner feel you can do away with it, go for a smaller dessert which you both enjoy such as delectable French macarons or handy cake pops. These options allow you to easily share the dessert with all your guests!

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