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3 Types of Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is the norm these days, but how much help do you need? We give you a gist of what to expect so you can get the type of service that’s best for you.

  • This is perfect for the couple who has time to devote planning every detail of the wedding—from start to the day of the wedding.
  • You’ve already booked 100% of your suppliers. You just need someone to help you coordinate with your vendors on the day itself.
  • The planner helps you create a detailed time line for the big day.
  • On the day of the wedding, he’ll coordinate between the two families during the hotel preparations and pre-wedding pictorials. He will also take care of handing the remaining balances to the respective suppliers.
  • At the church, he’ll make sure the entire bridal entourage is in line and holding their bouquets/wearing their boutonnieres before walking down the aisle. He will cue the readers, secondary sponsors, and more at the right times.
  • At the reception, he will man the welcoming table, assist guests to find their tables, and collect gifts.
  • He tries to solve everything that goes wrong and makes sure you and your partner go through the least amount of stress possible.
  • You’ve already booked about 50% of your major suppliers. Major vendors include the church, the reception venue, the caterer, and the video and photo team.
  • To complete your list, the coordinator will suggest trusted people from his network based on your budget. However, the final say is still up to you.
  • You meet for a number of fixed times and turn over everything to the planner by a certain date.
  • He will make it a point to remind you about your unfinished tasks.
  • Before your wedding, he will get confirmation from invited guests if they’re attending your reception party.
  • Covers all the details of the day-of-wedding coordination service.
  • Absolutely perfect for a couple who hasn’t settled on a date or concept, as well as booked any of their major suppliers. From conception to execution, this kind of coordinator will be very hands-on.
  • Expect to get help with absolutely everything! The theme, the colors, the decors, and even the printed invites.
  • He will attend vendor meetings with you, or attend them for you if you and your partner can’t make it.
  • This kind of coordinator is highly recommended for people getting married in another province or country. His knowledge about the existing suppliers in that given area would be invaluable. However, take note that if your planner is arranging your out-of-town wedding (meaning he is not based on your chosen wedding destination), he may set additional charges per ocular or meeting.
  • Covers all the details of the day-of and partial wedding coordination service.

This is the most extensive and expensive kind of package since the planner will basically be guiding you every step of the way.

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