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3 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Have a Civil Union

Not all couples are destined to tie the knot in front of God and a religious minister. Could one of these statements below be your reason too?

1. You don’t practice the same religion.

A Christian marriage is a holy sacrament with God at the center of the matrimony. It implies that the union is forever and that the couple will practice the teachings of the church. Therefore, if you and your partner do not practice the same faith, it would be wise not to get hitched in a religious institution—especially if you/your partner don’t plan on switching to said religion or have no supporting papers that they require (i.e. baptismal or confirmation certificate). The best solution would be to have a civil ceremony officiated by a judge of the court or the mayor of a city. The marriage would be legal in the eyes of the state.

2. You suddenly need to tie the knot.

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There are dire emergencies that force some couples to get married within a shorter time frame, such as when a fiancé is suddenly forced to leave the country for a better job opportunity or when someone in one’s immediate family passes away. For the former example, an indefinite stay in a faraway land could extend to a very long engagement, therefore urging couples to say their “I dos” within a few weeks’ time. For the latter, this is a custom that is believed by practicing Chinese couples. When one of the parents (or sometimes even a close relative) passes away, the wedding should be held within 100 days of the death or postponed until three years (1,000 days) after the person’s passing.

3. You’re saving up for a more lavish church wedding in the future.

Due to monetary or other constraints, you cannot afford to: a) hold your wedding in your childhood church, b) have your wedding reception at your dream events venue, c) pay for your wedding package, and/or d) have your wedding gown made by your favorite fashion designer. But despite all these limitations, you cannot wait for another two to three years to get hitched. If both of you are committed to one another and have no issues getting married through the state, then by all means, sign up for a civil wedding!

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