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23 Unique Wedding Party Decors

Make your nuptials truly stand out with any of these decoration ideas!


  • Make a floral archway that guests could pose for pictures with before stepping inside.
  • Present your love story by making a wall collage time line of pictures from the first moment you met to your prenuptial photos. Ask your guests to write special wishes for the happy couple and post them on the wall.
  • Let your guests kick back and relax by providing bean bags and flip-flops by the entrance. This will allow your female guests to rest their tired feet.
  • Produce an elegant monogram sign of your initials which you could prominently display in the holding area.
  • Use tealight candles placed in glass jars or candleholders to set a romantic mood. Arrange them in two long lines, creating a path toward your reception area.
  • Surprise guests by preparing fresh floral headpieces or necklaces for them to wear!


  • Fill your venue with pearl balloons in your wedding colors! It will literally lift everyone’s mood.
  • Giant-sized letters don’t just work for children’s parties. Go for a word such as LOVE or XOXO and have the letters encrusted in glitters, pearls, or paper flowers.
  • Instead of a photo booth, install Instagram-worthy corners for your guests to take photos in! Set up areas inspired by your favorite spots or countries as a couple. You can print out beautiful backdrops such as the beach and the mountains and prepare corresponding props.
  • Evoke whimsical feelings by hanging lace dream catchers in every imaginable size.
  • Holding your wedding outdoors? Prepare for possible rain by leaving transparent umbrellas beside each chair or set up a clothes line filled with colorful shawls to combat gusts of cold wind.


  • Highlight the bride and the groom’s table by enclosing it under a canopy of twinkling lights.
  • Potted succulents are an alternative way to decorate your guests’ tables. Plus, your guests can take them home as souvenirs!
  • Ditch the predictable round table setup and arrange your tables in two long lines. This will open up more space for people to talk, mingle, and dance in!
  • Foil alphabet balloons that spell out MR and MRS are fun decors that can indicate where the couple will sit.
  • Fill colored mason jars with giant singular blooms and arrange them by sets of threes.
  • Decorate plain white chairs with strings of satin ribbons in alternating colors.
  • Framed table cards always do the trick. Add a hipster twist by using people silhouette cutouts under each number.


  • Tie a sprig of herbs around the loaf of bread to instantly jazz up the appetizer!
  • Choose colored glassware in one of your wedding motif colors to liven up the tableware.
  • Present your menu in a fun way—through a mini chalkboard lettering or watercolor painting sign.
  • Fill an old bath tub with ice and a bevy of drinks for a refreshments stand that’s both fun and functional.
  • The couple shouldn’t be the only ones eating cake on their wedding day! Prepare a dessert buffet station for your guests filled with cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, and jars filled with assorted candy.

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