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15 Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

A list of awesome things you can do to make your marriage ceremony and reception party one for the books.

1. Make your entourage feel comfortable throughout the day by letting them wear their favorite sneakers instead of high heels or leather shoes. Take the lead and wear them too!

2. And while you’re at it, you don’t need to dress so formally at your wedding. It’s your big day, so you set the rules. Be as casual or as unique-looking as a couple.

3. Ask your wedding singer to sing your favorite rock anthem in an alternative way as you walk down the aisle. Or if possible, do the singing yourself by providing a recorded track.

4. Say your wedding vows in the form of a poem or with a quote by your favorite author.

5. Ditch the doves, rice grain, and flower confetti and opt for magical bubbles or ribbon wands as you come out of the church.

6. Choose an unusual bridal bouquet by selecting blooms made out of paper or felt cloth.

7. If your rites and reception areas are in the same vicinity and you both live active lifestyles, surprise guests by riding a bicycle into the second venue! Just be careful about the bride’s skirt catching on the chain.

8. Have a wedding gown with a removable skirt or train so that after the wedding, you can transform your dress into something you can easily dance in.

9. Level up your grand entrance by serenading the guests with a surprise duet or playing your favorite instruments as you enter the doors.

10. Provide a counter with free makeup retouching services for the ladies right before they hit the reception party.

11. For the toast, serve champagne with a twist by adding a fresh raspberry in every glass.

12. Be dramatic and slice your wedding cake with an actual sword instead of a plain dessert knife.

13. Have fireworks as you do your first dance as husband and wife—ideally done at an outdoor venue!

14. Make sure your dance floor is never empty by hiring dance instructors to teach cool dance steps to both young and old. The new groom and other game male guests could even have a dance battle with them!

15. If you’re serving tons of drinks, prepare portable hangover kits that guests can take home with them.

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