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10 Wedding Photo Tips

Follow this quick guide so you can have the best pictures, from selecting the poses down to waiting for your final prints to arrive!

1. Choose a photographer you feel comfortable with. Don’t pick someone who seems bossy and will just insist on choreographing you the entire time. Aside from that, pick a photographer based on the photos he takes. Ask questions like: Do I like the romantic/dramatic/funny mood of the pictures? Do I like the way each image is composed?

2. It’s good to look through other people’s online wedding photos, but don’t ask your photographer to copy all the things you like. The best photographers will have on-the-spot inspirations based on the couple’s attitudes, the wedding venue, and even the weather!

3. Have a list of the pictures that you want your photographer to focus on. The entire event will be sufficiently documented if you have a battalion of photographers, but if you’re on a tight budget, you should ask the photographer to focus on the people and elements that really matter.

4. Practice your smile before the wedding. It’s safe to say that your mouths will be sore from all the grins you’ll be making, so stretch your facial muscles by exaggerating the way you say the vowels.

5. Be each other’s photo checker. Watch out for out-of-place hair strands, oily cheeks or foreheads, food stuck in between the teeth, and the like before every major photo opportunity.

6. Stick to poses that feel natural to you and your partner. Tell your photographer what you’re open to doing. If you were able to have pre-nuptial photos taken by the same photographer, even better! Check out the pictures he has already shot for you and request the ones you like best to be recreated for the wedding.

7. Work with what you have. From the wedding dress details down to the reception party decors, these little things make the wedding uniquely yours, so make sure to capture them on camera!

8. Have alternative photographers on the day of the event! Compile your family and friends’ photos by telling them to include your wedding hashtag, hire a drone with a camera, or leave disposable cameras on every table.

9. Make sure to ask when you’ll receive the pictures from your wedding photographer. It takes roughly one to two months for them to show the initial snapshots without touch-ups, and longer for the edited files. If they come early, you can even print some and include them with your thank you notes.

10. When it comes to choosing your photos for the wedding album, take your time. Sit down with your partner and sift through all of the pictures taken that day. Choose the best ones that speak to both of you, not what you think should go in the album.

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