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10 Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

Be careful not to commit any of these cosmetic boo-boos on your wedding day!

1. Piling on the makeup.

It’s rare for a bride to do her own makeup, but when you’re stuck with this situation, try to apply a thin and even amount of makeup—from your prime to the concealer and down to the foundation. Makeup that’s too thick will show in your photos.

2. Using a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone.

It’s important to use the right foundation for your face. This must always, always be blended well, especially toward the neck area which is often darker than a person’s face.

3. Forgetting to apply makeup on your exposed body parts.

Some brides are guilty of having three different skin tones on their face, neck, and shoulders or back! Make an effort to keep your skin color consistent by asking your makeup artist to apply makeup on your bare parts. However, wear your wedding dress carefully so the makeup doesn’t stain it!

4. Going for too dark eye makeup.

It’s okay to go for dramatic eyes for your wedding, but not to the point that it makes you look like a panda! Settle for an eye shadow in taupe or metallic gray, or try winged tip lines to go over your upper lids.

5. Wearing false lashes without prior experience.

Some brides are coerced to wear falsies on their big day, not realizing how heavy they would feel on their eyelids. Make sure to do a test run so you get used to the “heavy” feeling on your eyes, and check to see if you get any allergies after its application.

6. Not checking if your makeup is waterproof.

Weddings are highly emotional events, so expect to cry at least once while walking down the aisle, reciting your vows, or dancing as a couple for the first time. Your eye shadow and mascara should be waterproof so you continue to look radiant after the waterworks.

7. Not choosing a smudge-proof lippie.

You don’t want to transfer the red lipstick to your man’s lips when you kiss for the first time as husband and wife. Some makeup artists suggest applying concealer before lipstick to make it set on your lips, while others suggest using lip stain instead of lipstick.

8. Looking completely different on your big day.

You want to be a recognizable, glammed up version of yourself on one of the biggest days of your lives, not a copycat of your favorite celebrity. But if you end up lifting looks from someone well-known, make sure it’s someone who has the same physical attributes as you.

9. Not matching your makeup with your wedding gown.

Your makeup and dress should be cohesive not clashing. Aside from matching your overall theme and palette, they should work together to make you look and feel beautiful.

10. Forgetting to have a touch-up before your reception party.

Ask your makeup artist for a rate that includes a pre-reception touch-up. You want to make sure you look glowing from start to finish!

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