10 Corporate Giveaways That Guests Will Love

Having a corporate event can be hard because it needs to fit to your company’s budget. You need to think of ways to make it successful. Don’t know how? Read these “Essentials of Corporate Event”. So, Corporate giveaways served as a remembrance of your event. Here are the 8 alternative things to make your corporate giveaways more useful.

1.Rather than a … 1-page flier or press release

Why not a … mini-magazine or booklet?

It might cost a little more, but it shows that your company put in a little effort and more preparation, as compared to sheets of bond paper stapled together.

2. Rather than a… ballpen

Why not a… personalized pen?

There’s a bigger chance of your guest keeping a pen that has their name or initial on it, rather than just a pen with your company’s logo. Why not put both on it?

3. Rather than a… foldable fan

Why not a… battery operated hand fan?

You’ll need to spend a little more, but it will last longer, and your guest will appreciate it more that their arms won’t hurt when fanning themselves after a while.

4. Rather than a… notepad or notebook

Why not a…  pad of sticky notes?

Everyone appreciates sticky notes—it’s portable and can be instantly used and in a lot of ways, from the office to the kitchen.

5. Rather than a… canvas tote

Why not a… DIY tote?

Pins, calligraphy and crafts are all still very in right now, and your guest will appreciate it if you leave them space to be creative. Don’t worry, you can still include your brand logo at the back—small, but still noticeable.

6. Rather than a… lanyard

Why not a… flashlight and whistle set?

Unless your guest belongs to your company, they won’t use a branded lanyard. But what they will appreciate though is a portable flashlight and whistle set that will come in handy during emergencies.

7. Rather than a… mug

Why not a… water bottle? 

Mugs are versatile, but a water bottle is more portable to bring around, from playing sports to working in the office.

8. Rather than a… pouch

Why not a… laptop sleeve?

While a pouch will always be useful, it’s something people usually have a lot of. People usually have just one laptop sleeve, because it can get pricey. But, that means, the giveaway will be used longer than usual, which is what should matter more than affordability.

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