Philippine Wedding Song Ideas 2019

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Without a doubt, music plays a pivotal role in weddings.

While a wedding invitation would be the prelude to your event, it is actually your music that provides the ambiance. In a momentous social event, weddings often associate with big reunions wherein family members, relatives and friends from even far-flung areas would come back to witness the joyful union of bride and groom. As it is an event marked with much importance, it would be clear why affianced couples would want to create the best mood and ambiance for their wedding guests and ensure that every single one of their guests would be having a grand time. With that, music comes in and plays an imperative role. The music and wedding songs played in the various segments of your wedding ceremony has a significant role in creating a mood, dictating the ambiance and assuring a pleasant and joyful background for the wedding.

Apart from that, the music you choose helps in lightening up the atmosphere and keeps your guests entertained. More importantly, it can give your wedding guests a subtle nod and hint at the kind songs and genres you and your spouse find yourselves listening and gravitating. In this regard, the music and songs you choose for your wedding would also give your guests an insight as to who you and your spouse are as a couple. However, with a myriad of romantic and love songs at a couple’s disposal, it is understandable why some couples would meet the endeavor of choosing songs with much difficulty.

After all, with the sheer number of options they have, it is quite easy to be overwhelmed. With this in mind, this article has collected a set of useful tips to help couples select the perfect songs followed by a suggestion of wedding songs for the various parts of their wedding ceremony.


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Choosing your wedding songs might seem like a daunting task. After all, you want to create the perfect ambiance, and you cannot do this without the aid of an expertly curated playlist. Your options might be limitless, but you can start by listing down the songs you do like. Once you come up with a list of songs, you can then refine and condense it to suit the various segments of your wedding ceremony aptly. Here are the multiple steps to take in choosing your music:

Getting Started

One of the initial things to consider when it comes to curating a playlist for your wedding is to decide whether you are hiring a band or a DJ (or both if you can afford it). Naturally, cost and expenses will be a pivotal factor in helping you decide. However, beyond estimating how much you are going to fork up for the service, there are other important points you need to consider. These points include knowing what tone you want to set and what kind of theme you have in mind (traditional, unique or alternative). Once you have an idea of what you want, choosing between a DJ and a band will be so much easier.

Picking Key Wedding Songs

Throughout the day, there will be moments you want to highlight. You can achieve this with the appropriate music that is both fitting for the mood. To ensure underscored moments are with the right music, work with your DJ or band beforehand.

Pre-ceremony music

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Your pre-ceremony music helps set the tone for your wedding and played while your guests are arriving and trying to find their seats. Choose songs that are low-key but upbeat. More often than not, music without lyrics works perfectly for this segment.


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It is the music played the moment your wedding party is about to enter. Ideally, you want to send them down the aisle in style. Choose an upbeat song that gives their entrance more of an impact. However, be sure that the music you choose would not make your entry anti-climactic.

Bridal Entrance

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Typically, a bride’s wedding march is one that should capture and captivate the people in the room. After all, you want to have everyone’s eyes on you as you make your way down the aisle. Choose an instrumental version of a song that has a poignant meaning to you.

Cocktail Hour

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While waiting for you to arrive at your reception venue, your wedding guests would be enjoying cocktails. Dictate the vibe and mood by choosing appropriate music for it. Of course, you want them to anticipate your arrival so pick a song that is upbeat but not enough to have people dancing just yet.

Reception Entrance

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More often than not, your wedding entourage would also make their entrance to your reception hall. In this regard, you can ask them for the song they wish to have played the moment they enter. Alternatively, you can choose a set of preselected songs that have a special meaning to you and the members of your bridal entourage.

First Dance

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Ideally, this is where you and your spouse should play your song. Unfortunately, identifying what this is can be somewhat difficult unless you and your spouse already know what your song is. If you do not, you can start by thinking the kind of dance you want to have (intimate, fun, silly or choreographed) and ask what kind of reaction you want to evoke from your guests (surprise or sentimentality). From there, choosing your first dance song would be so much easier.

Dinner Music

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Similar to the cocktail hour, you can give the band or your DJ a heads up as to the kind of mood and vibe you wish to create and have them choose the songs to play. Alternatively, you can have a set of preselected music for which they can play. Remember, dinner time is where mingling and conversation usually happens, so keep things mellow.


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Filipinos are known to be big music lovers. Majority of them have a particular partiality for love and romantic songs which is evidenced by the curated playlist every Filipino wedding would seemingly play. Sure, these ballads of love and romantic melodies might be apt considering the occasion, but they do have a reputation of being overused and overplayed in weddings over and over again.

In any case, here are the top 10 songs that have become synonymous with Filipino weddings throughout the years insomuch that they have become a standard staple in wedding celebrations across the country. With that considered, you should tread carefully and decide for yourself whether any of the songs below are worthy of being played during your wedding day.

The Way You Look Tonight

Revived and made famous by Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, the song became a Filipino wedding staple when included in two wedding-themed movies namely Father of the Bride (1991) and My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997).

Ngayon at Kailanman

A local entry in this list, Ngayon at Kailanman first performed by Basil Valdez and revived by Sharon Cuneta. The song’s straightforward message of deep love and affection has resonated with many Filipino couples which makes it a standard tune in most local weddings.

We’ve Only Just Begun

Released by The Carpenters in the year 1970, the song was intended for a commercial featuring a newlywed couple driving into the sunset. However, the message of starting a new life together is not lost on Filipinos as this song remains to be a famous wedding anthem for most Filipino weddings.


The song title itself translates to the word promise which happens to be a message most Filipino couples find themselves gravitating to when it comes to their love. For this reason, the song remains to be a popular choice when it comes to creating a wedding playlist.

Sanaý Wala Nang Wakas

This local song has strong undertones and messages of deep undying and unwavering love which makes it a popular choice for a wedding ballad. However, the song is best rendered and performed by a choir if used for a wedding.

All My Life

Although this song never attained worldwide popularity and did not do so well in the US Billboard charts, the song’s message made a mark on Filipinos. It has won the hearts of many Filipino couples and has since then become one of the most-played love songs at a Filipino wedding.

I Finally Found Someone

As an original soundtrack for a romantic movie, it would be understandable why the song would make its way to weddings. However, what captured the Filipinos hearts is how the song was incorporated in the movie and its lyrics.

The Gift

Although intended as a holiday track, this favorite wedding song became such a hit with the Filipinos after Jim Brickman gave his rendition of the song together with Martina Mcbride.


Performed by an iconic local band, the song’s simple melody has made its way to the hearts of Filipinos. With the well-crafted lyrics complemented by the accompaniment of piano and guitar, the song became a known theme song for most Filipinos.


Similarly used in a local movie with the same title, this is one of the songs with a message most Filipinos find themselves resonating. Typically used as a bridal march, the song has since then worked its way to many Filipino weddings.

Wedding Entrance Songs

Fun Wedding Entrance Songs

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Take a break from the conventional and choose a song that best defines and highlights the fun element of your relationship. Instead of the sappy love songs, pick something a little more upbeat and gets you in the mood to celebrate.

Raise Your Glass by P!nk

This song is perfect entrance track for couples who wish to be toasted to as they make their way to the reception hall as a newlywed couple.

Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

Couples who have a proclivity for EDM tracks will think this song apt as background music for their entrance.

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

If you and your spouse are big on breaking out some moves, then you will love dancing to the beat of your entrance march with this track.

Crazy in Love

If you genuinely want to make a statement about how in love you are with each other, channel your inner Beyoncé and break into a dance the moment you make your entrance to the room. Make it complete by choosing one of her most famous and beloved tracks.

Funny Wedding Entrance Songs

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Give your guests an insider’s view of the less serious aspects in your relationship such as the sense of humor you and your spouse possess. If you wish to lighten up the mood, get your party off to a great start with a funny wedding reception entrance song.

All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled

Technically, both you and your spouse won by marrying each other on that day which makes this song humorous and apt at the same time.

Dear Future Husband by Megan Trainor

For brides who wish to give their husbands a subtle hint then this song is the perfect song to make your entrance as a newlywed couple.

Popular Wedding Entrance Songs

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These tracks are beloved and popular. Although some of them are more contemporary than the rest, these tracks are known by all and are fitting for the moment. More importantly, it can get your wedding guests to sing and dance along to the words as you make your grand entrance.

Forever by Chris Brown

While this song is rather upbeat for a track that filled with so much emotion, Forever by Chris Brown is the best song for your entrance to if you wish to mark your wedding as the beginning of eternity.

Marry You by Bruno Mars

Typical and conventional but sweet, this track sets the tone for a delightful evening ahead.

Wedding Ceremony Songs (For Walking In and Walking Out)

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Commonly known as the processional song, the hymns you and your party will walk down the aisle to should not only set the tone for your event but should also hold deep meaning to you. Ideally, you should choose one song for everyone while you have your separate song for your grand entrance. Here are some of the traditional choices for both walking in and walking out of the aisle.

Marchial Wedding Ceremony Songs

Bridal Chorus, Wagner

More commonly known as Here Comes the Bride, Wagner’s Bridal Chorus is a classic wedding staple that remains popular until today. This song is one of the go-to choices for a majority of prospective brides.

Canon in D, Pachelbel

Another common choice among brides, Canon in D by Pachelbel is a gorgeous piece of music beautifully played by a traditional quartet. If a classic entrance is what you are aiming for, you will never go wrong with this piece.

A Thousand Years, The Piano Guys

Initially performed by Christina Perri, A Thousand Years is a popular choice for wedding entrances once couples realized how beautiful its instrumentals are. Albeit more modern and contemporary than the rest of the entries in this list, it is the perfect choice for couples who cannot decide between a classic instrumental or more modern love song with vocals.

Marry Me, Train

If you have a thing for modern songs but are unsure as to how to proceed or which song to choose, Marry Me by Train makes the perfect choice for you. The melody and lyrics are both beautiful. More importantly, the tempo is just right for a processional.

Recessional Wedding Ceremony Songs

Wedding March, Mendelssohn

A conventional and traditional choice for the wedding recessional, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March is a grand organ piece that capitalizes on high drama.

First Day of My Life, Bright Eyes

If you have a penchant for the acoustics, then this song is an excellent choice for you. Apart from being an unconventional alternative, it is also a unique way to start the first day of your married life.

Arrival of the Queen Sheba, Handel

While initially intended to signify one’s arrival, it works better as a recessional. This classical piece is high in tempo and is a joyful beat to exit.

Wedding First Dance Song Ideas

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Undoubtedly, picking out the first song to dance to will be met with much difficulty unless you and your partner have already figured out on a song beforehand. Typically, your first dance should be to the song that defines you as a couple. However, if you have not figured out what that is yet, here are some ideas.

Happy by Pharell

Happy by Pharell might be a little too upbeat for most couples, it is a beautiful song to start your journey as a couple. After all, your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life so you might as well choose a song that best defines it.

I’m Gonna Make You My Wife by Whispers

For brides who want something a little more fitting and romantic, this song by Whispers is an incredibly apt tune to have your first dance. It is especially perfect for couples who want a song that is heavy on emotions and carries a poignant message.

Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

For couples who are feeling lucky, they married their best friend, this song by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat is a beautiful song with perfect lyrics for your first dance.

Spend My Life With You by Tamia and Eric Benet

Couples who wish to dance to underrated songs with deep meanings should choose this track for their first dance. The song wonderfully conveys the essence of love and defines the moment you know you have found the one.

Better Together by Jack Johnson

A little under the radar but a favorite of many couples, this song by Jack Johnson is the perfect melody to dance to if you are a couple who loves playful acoustic song.

As music sets the tone for your wedding event, keep in mind to choose the most appropriate ones that stir the right emotions and convey a message of love and harmony to your guests. Ensure that the songs you have picked out are the perfect sit for the ceremony you have in mind and have planned.

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