Intramuros is one of the most popular party venues in Manila.

Intramuros, which literally means “within the walls,” is the oldest district in Manila. Its old world, Spanish era charm is evident in every nook and cranny albeit the slight commercialization of the place. Throughout the years, the walled city became a favorite events venue.

There are two main reasons Manila is a sought-after wedding location. First is the existence of historic churches. Case in point: Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. Second is the availability of party venues of all kinds – from air-conditioned function halls to open gardens. For the latter, Intramuros alone has several venues it may become confusing which one to choose. If you’ve been to the walled city, you will know that every street corner has its own brand of venue.

Party venues in Manila, a focus on Intramuros

Four of the most prominent party venues in Intramuros are as follows.

1. Baluarte de San Diego

– An al fresco garden venue reminiscent of the 1500s
– Ideal for Hispanic and traditional outdoor weddings and other events
– Surrounded by lush greeneries
– Accommodates between 150 and 900 guests

La Castellana

2. La Castellana

– An air-cooled function hall built with perennials and water elements
– Built with elegant stained glass windows
– A dress-up-any-way-you-want venue
– Accommodates between 100 and 400 guests

3. Casa Manila Patio

– An ideal venue for Hispanic wedding celebrations
– A venue with toned-down and intimate atmosphere
– Situated at the heart of Intramuros
– Accommodates between 50 and 200 guests


4. Teatrillo

– A secluded venue since it is located in the basement of Plaza San Luiz Complex
– A museum-like venue ideal for traditional weddings
– Features stone walls and stone stairways as well as chandeliers
– Accommodates up to 200 guests

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