Hizon’s Made Damas Kids Smile

70 beaming kids of Associacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc. (Damas) greeted over 100 volunteers and employees of the Hizon’s Catering’s Make Children Smile Campaign at The Pergola events place last August 30, 2011…

The program was graced by Hizon’s Catering’s CEO, Mrs. Baby Hizon, the General Manager, Joseph Hizon, Hizon’s Pattisierre, Chef Abby Hizon, The Pergola’s head, Ms. Lynne Romero, and the children of the CEO Andrea and Peter Hizon who merrily took care of a child assigned to them at the party.

The Campaign was launched last summer (May 2011) asking Facebook users to help the company reach 10, 000 likes on their Facebook Fan Page in the course of three months. Over 5, 000 people responded to the call which made Hizon’s Facebook Fans jump from 1, 500 to 6, 000 by  August. It was nearing the deadline and the campaign is still half-way through when the management decided to push through with the project so as not to disappoint the orphaned children of Damas.

Thus, the company launched another ad, calling on the fans to register as volunteer and be a parent for a day to the kids. 70 volunteers were chosen among the hundreds who’ve registered and the date and place was set.






Hizon’s Catering would like to thank the following people who’ve supported us and brought this campaign to light:

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